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Match 1 -Celeste Star and Prinzzess are wearing some adorable skirt suits. They are very tight and do a great job of showing off each girl’s petite yet comely figure. Then they begin to wiggle their skirts up to show each other their panties. Underneath the tiny panties Celeste and Prinzzess are wearing some very large Maxi Pads. Seeing each other in their bulging panty lined underwear, they get to work right away. Celeste takes her top off and proceeds to give Prinzzess a lap dance. This leads to Prinzzess twerking her bulbous booty in Celeste’s drooling face. When the ladies have practically soaked through the pads they head to the bed and begin a scissoring session that should be in some sort of erotic hall of fame. This video is smoking hot. You may blow a speaker out when the girls begin to scream in pleasure.

Match 2 -You got to see this one! Cherie Deville in her little black dress is on the phone with a friend talking trash about her black maid when Ivy Sherwood, in a skimpy maid outfit, enters and hears all the terrible things she says about her. They sit on the couch and Cherie proceeds to tell her how terrible she is and it’s probably because of her race… going to far – and Ivy decides to teach her a lesson – how dare this inferior maid do this. Cherie fights back and soon has Ivy’s skimpy maid outfit torn off of her, then Ivy strips Cherie’s dress off, it’s a back and forth battle spiked with the terrible things said by the wicked blonde. Cherie spanks and wedgies ivy’s beautiful butt and then Ivy takes over with a savage waist scissors that subdues the blonde, now Ivy ties her up and drags her to the kitchen where she uses food to humiliate her, then it’s over the couch where she rips out the end out of the nylons to expose her butt, then spanks and paddles it with kitchen tools. Then it’s outside where you won’t believe what happens and what is smashed between butt and breasts… sooo much in this amazing story. You got to see this one !!!!!

Match 3 -Nothing better than a super short skirt that shows off a beautiful butt… Abigail Mac is talking to her boyfriend and tells him she has a surprise for him and when she comes back in she is wearing the sexiest school girl outfit ever, skirt so short, heels and skimpy top, she models it and tells him she is going to wrestle in it for him. At the ring she dances and models her super sexy outfit even more, what a turn on watching her strut. But wait we have another amazing outfit as Christie Stevens enters as the sexiest of nurses, her super short skirt, heels, and skippy top get modeled as she struts back and forth before entering the ring in the sexiest of ways. Both girls now dance and strut till the bell begins their fight, the heels stay on as they seem to be strutting even while fighting – this is almost a dance fight as each girl is eager to look good in her sexy outfit and do they… through their scissors, test of strength and crawling they alway look so hot! All filmed from outside the ring gives this match a very unique look, then you have the girls always modeling their wares and we have one unique match. The sexy outfits, their super bodies and the modeling and dancing makes this one very very sexy match !!!!!


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