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Match 1 -What do you get when you put two of the very best grapplers in a ring together, we’re about to find out as Hollywood and Susie Johnson get it on. Hollywood is having an interview with the great Susie, and Hollywood is finding out just how great she is as Susie is sparing no details about her greatness, the questions are almost unnecessary as Susie just keeps going on about how great she is until we finally end up with a match between these greats, but they add some very interesting new rules. It all makes for a great contest with all the great holds and action we would expect from two legends. Great leg locks with some super gut slugs as they taunt each other about who can hit the hardest, and some contorted holds that we would expect from these two, but hold on there is so much more, yes, this should have been divided in two as it lasts so long but I guess someone made a mistake and you get it all, and all of this so so much !!!!!

Match 2 -Five different holds, five submissions and they must use the prescribed holds: body scissors, bow and arrow, abdominal stretch, leg split, and figure four. But the best part is we have two of the sexiest, spunky blondes around: Prinzzess and Nikki lee Young, yes these two are sexy spark plugs and so much fun to watch. Both of these sleek bodies are stretched in multiple holds as they never stop their trash talking. Nikki Lee is becoming very popular, and it’s easy to see why, she is not only gorgeous but charisma comes out of every pore in her sleek blonde body. It’s very hard fought, each lady getting multiple holds and finally sustaining the pain till their foe surrenders, each taking turns till one finally gets the winning hold. Multiple submissions, multiple holds and all with two of the sexiest spunky blondes to ever grace a ring !!!!!

Match 3 -Oh, yes, yes, yes, – four topless babes wrestling and doing battle in teams, making this so much fun to watch. We even get some great contests before they start the grappling, breast contests that pit those beautiful bosoms against each other, pressed flesh pushes and slams till we have victors. At some times all four of these super babes are in the ring together, all four; JC Marie and Jamie Lynn vs. Tylene Buck and Randy Moore – what a line up, yes all these gorgeous ladies in one ring together, how could it get any better, they roll, they put on great holds; arm stretches, breast destruction, gut slugs, full nelsons, body scissors, and lots of body slams and cross body pins. We need to thank our friends over at xtremefemalefighting.com as they had used all these ladies and wanted this wrestle off. It’s all here and with four of the top ladies in the business. My favorite is the end when the two winners pick up the losers giving them both airplane spins and then in unison they slam them to the mat and a double pin makes this a true work of art !!!!!


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