Match 1Alyssa Reese is in Europe and never looked so good, she is nude and telling us all about her wrestling over there when she is introduced to her next opponent: Nikky Thorne, and Alyssa soon finds out what this crazy strong little beauty is famous for; she grabs the unsuspecting nude brunette and throws her over her shoulders and whirls around in glee as a stunned Alyssa screams in fear. When our slender beauty finally gets to the ground she finds this wild Euro is just getting started, yes she has lots of other liftings and my favorite is when she lifts Alyssa up by the waist, throws her legs over her shoulders and then walks her around on her hands, it’s fabulous. But we all know you can never count Alyssa out as she gets a tight bear hug on the wild one, it’s so sexy the way her knit dress comes down showing her sexy protruding nipples and up revealing her naked bottom. As much as sexy Alyssa tries wild Nikky always gets back to carrying then destroying. Now Alyssa knows why we love these Euro girls so much, but she found out the hard way !!!!

Match 2 -Go wild girls, go wild and that’s just what Akira Lane does when Prinzzess goes off on her with the racial slurs, yes, Prinzzess is spouting some Asian degradation and Akira has had enough, she goes crazy on her as she rips off her dress but this only makes the real crazy girl go wild crazy. Prinzzess shows Akira what real crazy is as she lets lose her rage putting Akira in a camel clutch from hell then proceeding to strip her naked, she slaps, chokes then goes for her pussy but our Asian has some rage of her own and it is again her turn to go native. Naked, they get out the collar and leash as both try to see who’s in control and both are obsessed with the crotches and chokes – they even stuff the mouths full of panties. This is about as wild as they get – go wild girls, go wild because we love it !!!!!

Match 3 -Let’s get right to it, cut out all of that middle stuff, no taking the clothes off these ladies start out nude and none of that wear down wrestling, let’s cut right to the submissions. That what this match is, nothing but naked submissions. Best of all we get to welcome the exotic beauty Idelsy Love, and trust me she will soon be one of your favorites, and speaking of favorites she is going up against the ever popular Erika Jordan, both ladies are about the same size and both have incredible bodies. This is a two parter and both segments are jam packed with action as we go right to the submissions and gloating and there are a lot of subs; reverse head scissors, breast destruction, bear hugs, tons of chokes, corner destruction, neck stretches, camels clutches, back breaker, claws , crotch grabs and so so many more and all leading to a submission. In the end we even have a bit of kissing, yes we get it all in these two fabulous segments and to top it off we have two gorgeous naked ladies, so – let’s get right to it !!!!


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