Match 1Tylene Buck and Samantha Ryan are out for blood. They take catfighting to a whole new level. The two knockouts do everything in their power to knock each other out. They beat each other’s faces and bodies to a pulp, with their bare breasts jiggling the whole time. Expect lots of deep and unflinching sleeper holds. The younger Samantha relies on her inexhaustible energy, while Tylene utilizes her crafty veteran skills and grit. Will the newbie brunette triumph, or the battle ready blonde? Well if you are just dying to find out which of these combatants doesn’t die, then you’ll have to order this match.

Match 2 – The peppy Emily Addison is taking on the cruel Nicole Oring in this battle of beauties. Emily’s perfect body is on display as she fights in the tiniest of gold bikinis. Her huge tits pop out of her top almost immediately and her great ass and trim tummy are framed very nicely by an almost non-existent thong. Nicole is by far one of DT’s best villains, and this match is no exception. She beats the adorable Emily with no sense of pity and belittles her almost the entire match. Nicole acts as though she wants to not only win the fight, but extinguish the mere existence of the innocent Emily. If you’re into gorgeous girls inflicting massive amounts of pain, than this match is for you!

Match 3 -This match features two of DT’s best new fighters. Kymberly Jane is a vivacious red head with tons of energy and enough body to go around, while Ashley Grace is a tall dark brunette with perfect natural tits and a knack for inflicting pain. Kymberly’s sexy raspy voice cries out with each scissor hold, with a look of naughty delight on her face we can tell Ashley enjoys inflicting this pain. These girls are sure to please any DT fan, they fight with passion and are very evenly matched. Watch as they bare their breasts and their hearts for the pleasure of DT’s fans. If you don’t buy this match you will be missing out on something truly great.


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