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Match 1Eva Lovia, a super cutie who is fast becoming a star, she is slated to fight Frankie Z – she knows all about the infamous Frankie. We start with Eva talking to the camera, she is very worried about the upcoming match and she can’t help but express her deep fear; she doesn’t want to become a jobber. In the ring we find the wild flaxen harried beauty ready to destroy this newcomer, the topless Eva looks worried and for good reason. The bell rings and Frankie comes out with savage intent, she drives poor Eva into the corner where she delivers powerful forearm smashes, then slaps and finally some good gut slugs, another corner with body splashes. Sweet Eva ends up on the canvas twitching until the big meanie picks her high in the air for the fist of many pile-drivers, hard she slams into the canvas where Frankie applies the fist of many pins. This is just the first minute of a long match of destruction where Eva’s young brown body is attacked, it all seems so much more savage because Eva is so sweet, the girl next door with her gorgeous freckled face, but this sweetness only adds fuel to Z’s rage as she puts her over the rope and stomps on her neck, body slams her, stomps on her, over the shoulder back breaker, bow and arrow, camel clutch and oh so many more – all ending with that sadistic pin and the body twitching. Eva will be a star, but first she will have to do some major healing after this one sided beating !!!

Match 2 -Two of the toughest beauties are set for a rematch, Ariel X reminds Max Makita what she did to her last time but Max is undeterred as she comes out for the test of strength, oh she is ready alright, a swift hard kick to Ariel’s rock hard gut puts her down and mean Max takes full advantage applying a great arm bar. The only problem is this arm bar puts her crotch right over X’s shoulder and she is able to twist and bend in such a way as to grind into Max’s crotch as she holds the back of Max’s bikini – so much grinding, is it pain or pleasure that folds her up, it may be both but Ariel knows how to push these buttons and now takes over. Ariel has the Asian beauty frog-legged as she sinks her fingers deep into Max’s thighs, X knows her pressure points and nerves, she digs in deep causing great pain, then rolls her over to pain the other side of her rich thighs. Wedgies then into a match book where she destroys then kisses those luscious thighs. It all seems too much for poor Max, not! Max comes back with some tricks of her own including a face-sit. Now it’s a back and forth battle with X always going back to those vulnerable thighs, Max takes off Ariel’s top as she applies a suffocating bear hug. It’s two tough beauties doing what they do best – destroying each other !!!!!

Match 3Frankie Z is on the phone with her agent, she wants more exposure, more action – give her two girls and she will destroy two! Next we find Nicole Oring and Celeste Star watching a video of Frankie destroying someone — they want no part of this but it’s too late, they are forced to continue. In the ring the two topless ladies are not at all sure about this — too late Frankie catches them both with one super hard move, now it’s destruction time. She proceeds to destroy them separately and together, first it’s Nicole that gets the Z treatment with a painful wrist lock, forearm shivers ending in a pile driver. Your turn Celeste, suplex time, hard she slams into the canvas – the destruction begins, body slams, pile drivers, one even gets thrown out of the ring – she is ready for the pin, but wait she is told she has to do both ladies at the same time. She spits water on the girl outside the ring then goes to get her, pounding her head on the ring first, then in for more torture. Oh does Frankie have fun with these two sleek beauties, each gets her own torture but X derives most of her pleasure when she does them both together, duel stomps on their firm bellies, duel butt slams, duel heads into the mat – both, then one, then both, then one, she is just having so much fun with these two. Slams turn into ring chokes that turn into great pain filled holds then pins all to these poor destroyed beauties, their gorgeous bodies become rag dolls — FRANKIE Z IS HAVING SOME FUN !!!!!


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