Match 1 – Today we have a single fall match featuring two single young ladies. These Asian goddesses are sporting athletic one pieces and ponytails. They are ready for battle as they face off with a test of strength that forces them to stick their tight little booties out towards the camera. Lana Violet is a shorter, curvier caramel tanned girl with golden hair. She is a good girl and heeded the ref’s warning about “no cheating.” Miko Sinz is tall and slender and has no intention of following the rules. These fighters use their adorable Asian bodies to inflict massive amounts of pain on each other. They sit their butts on top of one another as they sink in camel clutches. Tops are ripped at and yanked away as victims of chokes become willing to do anything to breath. With their perky tits hanging out the girls take part in tests of strength and twist each other’s ankles until one of them gives in to the pain and humiliation. This match boasts two Asian female fighters who left their kung fu at home and decided to wrestle it out instead.

Match 2 – Tara Morgan and Misty Lovelace are standing across from each other wearing nothing more than some lacy panties. Tara Morgan is a DT veteran who has been fighting her way up the ranks against some of the best fighters Double Trouble has to offer. She is pissed that today’s match is against a relative nobody like Misty. With an amused smile on her face, Misty lets Tara run her mouth. The bell rings and Misty begins to unleash a massive ass whooping on her cocky opponent. Misty’s calm smirk melts into an evil grimace as she milks a long arm bar on Tara. Misty’s tight pelvis undulates up and down as she giggles out the question, “do you give up yet?” Tara is definitely caught off guard by this newbie’s unexpected skills, but this fight isn’t over. Tara musters up enough energy to launch a counter attack that includes body scissors, repeated body slams, and abdominal stretches. Will experience trump youth or is this the dawn of a new era here at Double Trouble?

Match 3 – Nicole Oring and Goldie Blair are two of the best fighters Double Trouble has. They hit hard and talk mean. Nicole is a tight tattooed Asian. Goldie is a British brunette with enormous titties. The women take immense pleasure from inflicting pain on the crotch of their opponent. At one point, Goldie bends Nicole’s legs forward like a pretzel and then reaches back to claw at the soft warm flesh of Nicole’s pussy. Both girls’ bare tits jiggle generously as knees and boots are smashed into the groins of these fighting beauties. As the match wears on, Goldie begins to take control. Nicole’s poor crotch is ravaged by the cackling Brit. Nicole screams and even manages to get a frightened bite or two to land, but that only serves to embolden Goldie. Ms. Blair is ecstatic with delight as she comes up with new ways to inflict damage on Nicole’s sensitive groin. For example, she sits Nicole on the top turnbuckle, spread eagle and begins to use Nicole’s crotch as a punching bag. A delirious Nicole slumps down off of the top rope, lying motionless where she fell. Goldie sets her boot on top of her opponent’s crotch in a victory pose. This is definitely a crotch destruction match that will go down in the record books.


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