Match 1Sandy White and Randy Moore – not much more needs to be said, except this is some of the best work either of them have done. Action so wild both tops are soon off, the tone is set early as Sandy knees Randy hard twice and has her on the canvas. A figure four neck scissors has Randy’s luscious body writhing in pain, but Randy gets on top and applies her own body scissors. Sandy gets back in charge and does some devastating body slams that leaves the young blonde’s flesh quaking and to add insult to injury she stands on her neck but tough Randy comes back with a hard kick to Sandy’s gut, now it’s her turn to shake the veterans mammoth breasts. Sandy has most of the control but Randy gets in her licks – the ultimate move is when Sandy uses her legs to push Randy high in the air and literally across the ring, you will want to want this move over and over, this tops off one fabulous match because they are only half way through, we still have over the rope destruction and Randy coming back again. This is a super classic !!!!!

Match 2Akira Lane and Tylene Buck look so hot posing in their high heels, then the sexy brunette challenges the sexy blonde to a pins only best of seven match and before she knows what hit her, Tylene has her in the corner beating her beautiful face into the turnbuckle, then a little breast squeezing that turns into a head lock and we’re off. They both use lots of destruction to wear down their opponents then attempt a pin that usually doesn’t hold and leads to a kick out, then more pain: camel clutches, fish hooks, Boston crabs, bow and arrows, corner work and eventually we have a pin. Soon the tops are ripped off as the action is hot and heavy, each beauty earns some pins but who can score the most? It’s a wild pin filled battle between two topless babes who love talking shit and dishing out pain!!!!

Match 3 -FAST AND FURIOUS – that’s what you get when Ariel X and Nicole Oring go at each other. They start out topless because they don’t want anything to get in their way, that is except trash talking, they love giving each other shit – but boy can these ladies back it up. A lock up begins this super battle, Nicole turns this into a headlock but watch out for those strong legs of Ariel as she wraps them around that beautiful Asian face. Soon they are up again and the blows come hard and fast as do the throws, these ladies only have one gear – until a tight hold is secured as with that great reverse head scissors around X’s pretty face. X frees herself and now it’s her turn to dish out some body shaking body slams and pile drivers. Both ladies go after the tender crotch areas with hard knees and feet to this tender region. Two gorgeous grapplers that truly epitomize – FAST AND FURIOUS !!!


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