Match 1 -Three super hotties; Tanya Danielle, Emily Addison and Danielle Trixie are sitting on the couch waiting to see who Danielle has picked to be her new assistant. Emily wins but Tanya is ready to show her disapproval, hard across the jaw she smacks her – the fight is on. They are both wearing their sexy office attire; short skirts, heels and nylons as they each take turns striking each other hard to the face, eventually these hard hits take them to the ground where their short skirts hike up revealing their beautiful butts and nyloned thighs. Emily loses her top and Tanya attacks those luscious fleshy orbs, then decides to take her own top off and even Danielle decides to take her top off and join in the fray. Its two against one, they sandwich her for true destruction, all three sets of beautiful breasts smashed together. Soon all the skirts are off making it easy for the nylon wedgies, the two rain down their destruction on their poor victim. Three super hotties, roll through the house, roll through each other and roll right into your living room as they roll you into all their wild action – so just sit back and enjoy!

Match 2 – Punchwartz, back by popular demand, the magic school of hitting is here again – 949-02 we had three girls from the school going at it, they’re back! Only this time it’s Francesca Le with Paris Kennedy and JC Marie. Paris is sleeping when JC and Fran come in and use their magic wands on her then proceed to stretch her out and give her a long body bashing, gut blasts destroy the sleeping beauty. They stand her up just to take turns with even more hard punches to the stomach, then up to the breasts they go, Paris’ soft beautiful chest flesh is pummeled, they take turns smashing and grabbing. On the ground is Paris, on all fours she is just too inviting a target for Francesca – she takes her from behind slamming her crotch hard into Paris’ round buttocks, both of their firm asses shake with each hard slam. Next it’s JC’s turn, only with her they start by spanking that beautiful ass, then her gut and breast also get a work over and oh yes also taken from behind – oh yes! Then the magic wands come out for the big test, they have to fight for the teacher — this is all in just the first segment, the action continues heavy into the second section with some great surprises. So if you want to see three of our most beautiful ladies with a touch of magic and a lot of destruction – breasts, guts and butts — and in the end to the end — taken from behind!

Match 3 -Beautiful battered breasts, that’s what Tylene Buck and Shayla are after, yes they are out to destroy that sweetest of mammary flesh. This is a true cat fight between two feisty blonds, they start off going after each others breasts then into mutual wedgies and a kick to the groin – we are off. Shayla loves a good cat fight and Tylene loves any fight, they throw everything in this one, even head butts to the crotch but always back to those vulnerable breasts – twist the nipples, claw the flesh, punch and rip – ouch! A mutual waist scissors offers a beautiful hold that allows both of them a place for destruction. Great fighting on their knees, twice they end up here and continue to take it to each other, yes this is one great cat fight by two gorgeous blonds that love to attack, especially those soft feminine chests – beautiful battered breasts and so much more!


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