Match 1 – Akira Lane and Nicole Oring are wearing boxing shorts, bikini tops, and boxing gloves. Nicole has a cocky swagger and loud mouth. She saunters into the center of the ring and stares down Akira. With a few sharp strikes Nicole puts Akira on the ground. Nicole laughs and notes how easy this fight is going to be. Nicole continues her dominance. With right hooks and upper cuts Nicole turns Akira into ground beef. After completely embarrassing Akira, the fight ends and Nicole’s hand is raised. Luckily this video is a 2-in-1, and you will get to see the rematch of this fight. 6 months later Akira stands across the ring with a fiery look in her eye. Nicole snickers and rolls her eyes in boredom. Will Akira be run over again or will she reap revenge upon her rival?

Match 2 – Erika Jordan says Tylene Buck is a has-been and she is out to prove it, Tylene is hopping mad when she enters the ring after hearing what this little upstart said. The great trash talking begins because these two do not like each other and eventually Erika knocks down Tylene and oh what is this Tylene’s skin tight black pants are showing a lot of crack and Erika just can’t help but get down and pull down those pants so that the embarrassed blonde has to pull up her pants, and to make it worse she has no panties on. Well she wants payback and this fight turns into one hell of a great butt match where each uses holds and blows to get to those beautiful asses. Erika has on skin tight red pants with no panties and she is also getting depantsed where she has to pull them back up. Yes both of these bubble butts get gouged and spanked till they can pull their pants back up. So much fun watching this battle as they crawl and roll with butts on display till one finally gets the pants off the other then goes to great links to humiliate this poor bottomless babe — super battle with super butts !!!!!

Match 3 – So Stacy Burke heard Kristie Etzold was getting too old to wrestle, that her arthritis was debilitating so she scheduled a match with her — knowing this made Kristie madder than usual and that’s pretty mad. A topless Stacy sees very soon that this angry red head moves without a trace of age and she is soon ready to forget it all but too late big red already has he in a corner and is pounding on her fragile body. This is only the beginning of the one sided obliteration that focuses on savage blows to gut and crotch, Kristie even picks her up to the top ropes so she can get better vantage to her crotch and belly. From standing, to mat, to corner, to up on the ropes; slugs, blows, clawing and mauling. The poor blonde tries in vain to crawl away, even makes it to the exit but is dragged back in the ring for more destruction. Oh no, she even rides her like her little pony then jumps on her with both feet, how does poor Stacey take all this — well eventually she doesn’t !!!!!


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