Match 1 -“I think I’m going to hump you” says Karlie Montana, words that just make Nicole Oring that much madder, she always starts out angry but this puts her over the edge – beautiful Karlie cares not, she takes em on mad or happy and she likes it all. Karlie, auburn hair in a tight braid that seems to accent her so tight body, yes this young one has one of the fittest figures in the business and she so loves to press that beautiful body hard into any young lady that steps in the ring with her. But it’s not so easy to press that hard body into the likes of Nicole, her thick black hair whips across her sleek tan body as she kicks Karlie hard in the side – oh this match is filled with a lot of savage kicks by both of these athletic ladies also many punishing holds: head and waist scissors, choke\\scissors, camel clutch, face sits, slugs and so so many kicks to all parts of the the body. Two wild women that put on one hell of a wild show!!!

Match 2Cali Logan is one of the toughest little ladies around, hell she is one of the toughest girls around little or big, so when Samantha Ryan steps into the ring with her we are guaranteed a great battle, only gorgeous Sam didn’t know how tough Cali is, she figured her size and experience would take the day but when Cali beat her at the test of strength and soon had her in a cross arm choke that went right into a camel clutch, well she knew this might be a long day. It was not just long but oh so painful, as Cali strips her top off revealing those beautiful pert breasts then uses the top to choke poor gorgeous Sam, her beautiful face even looks good when the red hue from choking flushes her countenance. Savage gut slugs and snap mares have poor Sam on the mat but she gets is some good holds of her own but does she have enough to come all the way back or will this be a Cali collision she wished she never had?

Match 3 -Momma always told me to to stay away from them wild women, but I just can’t do it, especially when the wild women are Celeste Star and Alyssa Reece – and I do mean wild because when these two beauties let lose they are as wild as they come. Celeste lets go right away with her malicious verbal attacks and then backs them up with savage body attacks, starting out with a body splitting match book pin but soon Alyssa gains control applying a smothering face-sit, Celeste sinks her teeth into Alyssa’s muscular thigh and she is forced to release. Alyssa is subdued for awhile as both tops come off and still Alyssa hasn’t gone wild – on her back Celeste spreads her legs and delivers many pernicious blows to her crotch – now Alyssa goes wild! She is soon returning the favor to Celeste’s feminine area – the WILD is out in both women now, so sit back and watch two of the sleekest wildest beauties that ever set foot in a ring go at it — pure wild joy — sorry momma, just can’t stay away from these wild women!!!


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