Erika Jordan vs. Liz Ashley

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Breast Match

DT 1431-01 / Time: 22 Minutes / Size: 519 MB


Erika Jordan walks into the DT offices with her hands on her hips. She looks her opponent up and down. She laughs, exclaiming how easy it will be to defeat Liz Ashley. Liz can’t believe her ears. She marches right over to Erika. The two fighters have an intense stare down. Neither is willing to back down. Erika and Liz step apart and remove their blouses. With their plump bosoms bulging out of their bras, they square up. Erika pushes Liz onto the couch. She sits on Liz’s arms, pulls her large breasts out and pushes them into her helpless opponent’s face until she can’t breath. Liz cries out in muffled pleas for help. Liz bucks Erika off, and forces her down onto all fours. Leaning over Erika’s back, Liz grabs Erika’s breasts from behind and mauls them. Liz pinches Erika’s pink nipples until Erika is on the verge of passing out. When their breasts can’t take anymore, Liz and Erika switch to ripping each other’s panty hose to shreds. They usually follow each session of panty hose destruction with some grape-vining and straddling. The winner gets to put her clothes back on, while the loser stays passed out and topless on the floor.