Hollywood vs. Kristie Etzold


DT 1424-01 / Time: 25 Minutes / Size: 598 MB


Old school great wrestling just never gets old, and who better at great wrestling than Hollywood, she goes against one of the best of the bad girls: Kristie Etzold. Now I’m sure most of you know but for those that don’t, Hollywood was one of the original GLOW girls, that’s right the series on Netflix of those spunky beautiful wrestlers is all based on Hollywood and her buddies, so when it comes to knowing her holds and moves, well nobody knows them better. And when it comes to big bad babes Kristie is one of the baddest so we know we have a great contest and to make it even better – to win you have to get three KOs. Will power overcome skill, will great holds beat brute force – both ladies get their KOs with savage corner action as Kristie pounds Holly’s gut or lifts her on her shoulders, or will Hollywood’s chokes and moves be enough. This is one rough destructive battle that gets taken up a notch when a weapon is introduced, now the pain goes over the top and whoever wins this battle won’t be walking out of the ring on their own — old school never hurt so much !!!!!!