Match 1 -“It’s good money and she can’t be that big”, famous last words spoken by Capri Cavanni and Kymberly Jane just before Kristie Etzold enters the ring, after seeing how big and strong Kristie is the girls have second thoughts, but Kristie bribes them into a match. A quick choke has Kymberly down, she moves to the sexy blonde and applies a killer choke on her squishing her nose to put her out, the destruction is on! Back to Kymberly and more fabulous chokes now with legs, a figure four is locked in reverse, back to blondie and another choke smother as Kristie’s strong hand is secured around her mouth and nose to make the choke more effective. Her strong hands work as a vise now squeezing the heads of both beauties till they are again helpless on the canvas. Many more smothers and chokes till both our sex pots are spread across the ring, but killer Kristie is not done, no she has some real degradation ahead as she applies her signature art work – she is bad to the bone and out to prove it !!!!

Match 2 -Squish and smother, squish and smother – go together like a horse and carriage, and Goldie Blair is about to show you just how well they go together as she is paired with the petit warrior; Odette Delacroix, she looks to be about half the size of Goldie, her head is smaller than one of Goldie’s breasts, as can be seen when Goldie drops her large breast on the blonde’s face, covering her whole face with smothering flesh. Yes lots of smothering both with breast flesh and butt flesh as we see lots of hard face sits on the poor little girl, and speaking of butts Goldie makes the little one go butt to butt with her in a very one sided butt contest. Squishing is accomplished with severe bear hugs, body splashes, and lots of just laying on top of her little blonde victim. Goldie does have fun with her little girl toy, even makes her the pony as she rides her around the ring using her pony tail as reins. Both end up topless making it even more fun for Goldie when she lets Odette splash her in the corner only to end up showing her how it’s really done. Yes, squish and smother really do go together !!!!

Match 3 -The third match in this destruction trilogy of the 1089s gives us a real treat; Randy Moore in one of the smallest sling shot bikinis I have ever seen, showing off her amazing body, her butt in this suit and high heels is so amazing. She is in the ring to apply as a DT valet but she is auditioning for Puma and Afirka and one is holding rope and tape. What do they need these for, the sexy blonde is worried and with good reason, who would trust these two. Her doubts are justified as they are soon double teaming her in a full scale destruction match, Puma bends her over as Afrika spanks that fine ass then grabs deep between her protruding butt cheeks. They each take turns picking her up and ponding and grabbing her butt. Then they work over her crotch as they work together on total destruction even pressing her high over head, but always their hands sink deep into her gorgeous ass. Now for that rope and tape, this is long and drawn out as they secure her only to allow for more destruction, bound she is bent over their laps and shoulders to facilitate full destruction !!!!!


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