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Match 1 -Abs, abs, oh those beautiful abs, Erika Jordan is in the ring doing her gut crunches, her midsection ripples with each curl, a six pack of delight, but Randy Moore is not impressed as she puts on a fabulous gut show of her own; she sucks in then rolls her flexible middle – such flexibility, such control – it’s a real show. A gut fight ensues, who can take the most, who can dish out the most. Slugs and kicks put their firm stomaches to a real test, and they also throw in some hard head shots that drop them to the mat where stomps and knees are used to attack their firm guts. This ruckus battle causes their tops to come off and both their magnificent bodies are revealed, but doesn’t diminish their enthusiasm to attack bellies, in the corner they knee, slug and kick guts, hard smacking shots that shake those six packs. They go to the floor with body scissors to soften up the middles then back to slugs and claws, more holds, more gut destruction. Who has the strongest gut? Only one way to find out as two of the most exquisite women in the business put their guts to the test !!!!!

Match 2Karlie Montana and Capri Cavanni are ready to go for it, they lock up and fall to the canvas where the wildness begins with gut slugs and ax handles, back up they literally throw each other around till they end up in the corner for some destructive corner pounding. A long head scissor allows spunky Karlie to pull Capri’s pony tail as she smashes her head between her divine legs. Capri comes back planting her splendid ass on Karlie’s stunning butt cheeks, then applying a neck wrenching camel clutch. Tops come off as this back and forth battle rages; bow and arrows, chokes, corner action, foot jammed up crotch and butt, butt bites, pony tail pulls, and some great wedgies. Yes these to superb beauties put on a great show, Karlie talks trash as Capri uses her classic moans and squeals — bewitching beauties giving us all we could ask for and more !!!!!

Match 3 -Love this pairing, Paris Kennedy and Max Makita start out topless and ready to fight, Max wants to show this busty beauty how strong she is so she concentrates on woman handling her with her arms, yes, it’s hand to hand as they lock in a test of strength, a long grueling battle that ends with Paris securing a tight head lock on our muscular Asian beauty. Finally Max maneuvers behind Paris and gets hold of both her hands, then ever so slowly she works to bend Paris’ arms behind her back, their muscles flex as this test of strength takes them both to the limit, they end up entwined on the floor where they each try to secure leg holds, twisting those muscular lean gams. Then back to the arm struggle as Max pulls the red heads arms over the top rope then down but Paris applies a scissor making for a fabulous mutual hold. On and on we go with some fabulous and very creative arm holds that strain Paris’ chest, popping her robust breasts out – great images. Paris puts up a valiant fight but mostly she is Max’s play toy, oh what a wonderful toy she is as Max puts her in so may contorted but very sexy positions —- love this pairing !!!!!!!


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