Match 1 -Three of the most beautiful women in wrestling, two blondes one brunette; JC Marie and Erika Jordan are about to get into a real hot cat fight as Randy Moore sits on the couch egging them on. All ladies wear skirts, nylons and blouses and JC’s skirt is so short it rides up her super round butt even when she’s standing. They taunt each other before going for that tender breast flesh, through the blouses they first attack, then it’s to the floor where they roll over and over each other. The blouses come off as through the bras they gash the breasts, pull the hair or claw the nylon clad thighs, all to the encouragement of sexy Randy who pushes them to make this a wild cat fight. The tops come off and now the claws can really dig into that tender flesh, deep go those fingers into that soft skin. They each take a turn from behind, they wrap those sleek legs around, clamp on hard to the nipples then dig into the whole mound. Roll, roll, and roll some more as each gets her turn to control and what could be nicer than seeing their beautiful butts as those skirts get hiked over those silky thighs. So sexy are these two as their bodies slide over each other that Randy can’t help herself – she jumps into the fray, she so needs to dig her nails into some breast flesh and twist some nipples and oh does she twist and knead that tender flesh. What a joy watching three of the best dig their red nails into those fabulous breasts — a true breast fest !!!!!

Match 2 -Damn but we love those short skirts and muscle shirts especially when busty babes stretch the shirts to their limit, and that’s the case with Tylene Buck and Christina Carter. They’ve been seeing each other at the gym and have met here to find out who is the strongest in a cat ball fight, bumping breasts starts the brawl and soon they are locked in a tight bear hug, they fall to the couch and rip their shirts off, now comes the cat balling – this is where they grip each other tight and roll on the ground, squeezing breasts together and interlocking legs. They roll and roll only breaking to tweak nipples or have another fabulous bear hug, the heels stay on and the skirts stay hiked over their round butts. Breast on breast they squeeze and along with the pain comes some very intense stimulation, so much so they can’t help but start kissing – from pleasure to pain and back again. Beautiful butts, breasts and cat balling babes — wow !!!!!!

Match 3 -Beautiful blondes in short skirts, nylons and heels – that’s always a good start. Danielle Trixie and Randy Moore are hot to get into a sexy nylon cat fight, soon they are ripping at each others breasts through the shirts. Those damn shirts have to come off so they can get a better grip, then through those sexy bras they claw, time for those bras to come down because they want to get into some skin. With the bras down the red nailed fingers sink deep into the breast flesh where they can knead and gouge the soft mounds of woman hood. The nylon clad legs intwine as they roll across the floor, their hands claw at the revealed thighs as the skirts hike up, they pull hard on the blonde manes but always they go back to that soft breast flesh. On the couch they roll and grab, from behind where they can get the best gouge on breasts they secure their grip – rolling and pulling and gouging till one is finally on top and her foe is exhausted. Beautiful blondes in short skirts, nylons and heels – always a good beginning and end !!!!!!


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