Match 1 -Kymberly Jane in her sexy sling bikini which allows her rambunctious breasts to bounce free and across the ring is non other than Goldie Blair with her breasts popping out of her bikini. Goldie is so looking forward to destroying this fun loving little wench, and she wastes no time siting on Kym’s legs in a crunching match book, but wait now Kym has a tight body scissors on the busty one and pulls her top down so she can really get at those big fleshy mounds of fun. But this is Goldie, not one to be submissive for long and soon we are graced with a series of fabulous holds, camel clutch, bow and arrow, breast smothers, face sits and oh so much more…. she especially goes after her shapely legs and we get such a great view from the floor as her wild legs kick and squirm, her ample legs ripple with muscle and flesh as she kicks and writhes while in Goldie’s killer holds. Destruction at it’s best, nobody takes pain like this curvaceous bundle of energy and no one likes dishing it out more than the other curvaceous beauty… makes for some real fun !!!!!!

Match 2 -JC Marie and Capri Cavanni start this match out wearing sling shot bikinis, letting their giant perky breasts breathe some fresh air. These blonde bimbos have some mean trash talk, but it doesn’t compare to the wedgies and titty twisters they enjoy giving so much. JC and Capri are walking hour glasses and time seems to stop when Capri walks JC around the ring on her hands and knees like a whimpering slave. Capri seems to dole out most of the damage so if you’re in the mood for some domination and torture play then you have come to the right place. Put your happy face on because you are about to watch two drop dead beauties behaving very badly.

Match 3 -Can we ever get enough of Tylene? No, so why not have only Tylene, yes you are right with her in this one – up close and personal with this amazing P.O.V. video. A crazy lady thinks Tylene is cheating with her husband and is out to destroy her in any way possible, she is enraged and attacks Tylene as she is getting dressed, a topless Tylene is forced to fight off this wild woman. Our frightened blonde is chased all through the warehouse and office and each time she catches her we have a wild fight; on top we choke Tylene then try to smother her, we get thrown off and chase – another room and we attack her breasts, then gut slugs and now she is on us, but always we are close and personal. Another room, what’s this a knife, Tylene is cornered and it all looks bad! We had one other POV fight in the ring with Tylene and it was so popular we are blessed to be close to her again, but this time it is one wild fight that has us on top of her then beneath her but always CLOSE to this fabulous blonde !!!!!


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