Erika Jordan vs. Cherie DeVille


DT 1420-03 / Time: 27 Minutes / Size: 621 MB

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Love this opening: closeup of Erika Jordan’s beautiful breasts as she takes her time to work them into her tight leather jacket, in walks Cherie Deville who does not like the fact that Erika is going out with a guy, no she wants this leather clad beauty for her own and soon has Erika’s arms suspended behind her. Cherie takes Erika to her room where Erika struggles valiantly to get away but Cherie keeps putting her in suspended holds and covering her mouth so she can’t scream. They roll on the bed as the leather creaks and the high boots kick wildly, eventually Cherie ties her hands behind her back, then her feet and finally she gags Erika and after all this wild fighting Cherie just leaves her there. Yes we have a very long time to watch Erika struggle in her sexy leather, a very long time to listen to her leather overture and watch her wide eyed exhaustion. The clothes stay on but the bondage is intense !!!!!