Capri Cavanni vs. Erika Jordan


DT 1425-03 / Time: 27 Minutes / Size: 666 MB


CATBALLING can be so sexy, as proved by Capri Cavanni and Erika Jordan — and if it wasn’t enough to have two of the sexiest ladies ever they come in wearing the shortest tightest sexy dresses and after stripping they oil themselves up now wearing skimpy bikinis where their beautiful breasts pop out and then we are treated to a fabulous breast battle. Breasts smashed together and rubbing as they try to control each other. Now for some super sexy cat-balling but not before they oil their shapely bodies again, their legs intertwine as they roll for dominance – those legs and asses so shiny and lean and when one is on top she either smashes breasts or tribbs, rubbing middles in an oh so sexy way. Then more oil and we are treated to a wonderful bear hug on their knees and more cat-balling, then to all fours as they crawl around each other like cats ready to pounce — soooo sexy watching their sleek shinny bodies — CATBALLING can be so sexy !!!!!!