Match 1 – Alix Lynx and Hannah Perz are gorgeous businesswomen who have a disagreement. Even though theses classy looking women are supposed to be professional, they quickly resort to their most base instincts. Their formal blouses are ripped open and bras removed. They scream and cry as they attack each other’s large breasts and pull on one another’s long curling locks. How long did it take them to do their hair this morning, only to have it turn into a bird’s nest? They have little to no regard for their freshly manicured nails as they gouge and scratch at their opponent’s tits. The women ride and straddle each other with their panty hosed legs. They roll and tumble across the floor wearing nothing but high heels, stockings, and a mini skirt. Gentlemen, you are in for the treat of a lifetime with this impressive breast mauling match.

Match 2 – Do you like big beautiful shapely legs, do you like seeing those fleshy gams gyrate wildly under duress – then this is the one for you. Kymberly Jane and Jamie Lynn are soon in a heated battle that finds Kym in a leg scissors, her legs flailing in vain as we get a good low view of the flesh shaking limbs. But this is a very back and forth match and wild Kym soon has sleek Jamie in a grapevine, both tops are now down and breasts are bouncing in unison with the legs. After many holds by both Kym finally has Jamie in her own body scissors with Jamie face down now she can torment her ass with spanks and wedgies as her legs kick wildly. So many great leg and butt shots as these wild grapples move from one hold to the next and of course they don’t neglect those beautiful breasts, they also get their proper attention with lots of good breast destruction but always we get back to those pounding legs as each lady squirms and flails to get free. They are gorgeous and wild and that brings us non stop flesh quivering fun !!!!

Match 3 – The Masked Mauler is back for more destruction, yes when Kristie Etzold has a mask on she gets even crazier, if that’s possible. Skylar Rene is in the back getting ready for the match, she is to be the ref and the ref outfit she has on is amazing, hell this match is worth getting just to see her in this skin tight ref suit, Mauler decides she doesn’t need a ref and proceeds to choke the unsuspecting Skylar out. Hollywood in her U.S.A. striped bikini waits in the ring and is a bit leery of going against this masked mauler without a ref but they proceed. Soon the Mauler is in complete control and the poor blonde is destroyed in every way possible, if that isn’t bad enough Skylar finally comes too and decides to help but this is just one more victim for Kristie, now both long beauties are annihilated. The destruction of each is a work of art as the mauler has them over the ropes, bent in every direction and even uses their tops to tie them into knots. Both of the tall ones are stripped down to their bottoms as they are woman handled in the most vicious way, the way only Kristie the Masked Mauler can… kicks and slugs with bad intentions and breast mauling that hurts to watch and those stretches leave permanent boot imprints. And the way she leaves the two limp victims is a real thing of beauty – ya gotta see it !!!!!!


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