Match 1 -We all love a good sandwich, and for a great sandwich you need great ingredients; Misty Stone, Akira Lane and Odette Delacroix are our great ingredients. Now for how this sandwich comes about, well, all three ladies are in the ring topless when Akira says she has the best breasts, Misty counters that she has the best ass, Odette feels left out and asks what she has, they make fun of the petit blonde telling her she has nothing – this infuriates little O and she challenges Akira to a breast contest and Misty to a butt contest. The girls agree to the contest but stipulate that if Odette loses she has to give them pony back rides around the ring, she agrees. Breast and butt contests we have, Akira’s meaty chest collides with Odette’s sparse chest, and Misty’s meaty ass meets Odette’s lean butt – with the contests complete, here comes the sandwiches, because the girls now have a taste for Odette meat, yes, the little blonde is the meat and they are the bread as they sandwich her in so many positions standing between their breasts, lying down with breasts in her face, butt sandwiches in so many butt positions and so many more tasty sandwiches. It’s two on one destruction and most of it in a deli way, oh every now and then they go single on her but mostly it’s two on one. Then there are those great pony rides as the mini blonde gives them both a ride, not only one but both at once! This may be one of the best sandwiches you will ever have !!!!!!

Match 2Idelsy Love is one sultry brunette, which seems to make Max Makita dislike her all the more, yes, the strong Asian derides her before they even start, which makes it more of a surprise when the petit one kicks Max between the legs and starts to choke her. Maximum Max is not worried and soon flips our brown beauty over her – here it comes, here comes the onslaught, this little beauty is going to pay for just walking in the ring with Ms. Makita. Max hurls the sleek one into the corner and staggers her with a fore arm shiver, then delivers multiple smashing gut blows. A few more gut slugs and kicks and it’s to the mat for the beginning of many devastating holds, my favorite is when Max takes her on her side wraps her foot around her neck and picks her up by her legs and while holding her up she savagely claws her belly. Easily she throws the exotic beauty over her shoulders for a killer back breaker, and this is just one of several pick ups as Maximum Max displays her strength in so many ways; camel clutches, figure fours, and such intense corner action that all energy is soon drained from this gorgeous brunette. Poor little exotic Idelsy feels Max’s maximum mayhem !!!!!

Match 3Kristie Etzold is having trouble getting opponents so her manager comes up with a devious scheme; he has invited the beautiful Celeste Star in for what she thinks is a dance audition. Celeste is told to dance for Kristie who demands she dance sexier, eventually sexy Celeste is rubbing and popping it, Kristie loves this popping as Celeste snaps her cute butt over and over into Kristie’s crotch. But as much as big red loves this sexy dancing she is ready to start the destruction so she secures a choke around the unsuspecting dancer. Poor Celeste finds out the hard way that she is just fodder for killer Kristie, she is ridden like a pony as Kristie smothers her with both hands, constantly the big red head squishes and smothers her nose as she works over her body. Kristie takes off Celeste’s top so she can destroy her chest then write on it to add to the humiliation, over and over come the holds, chokes, blows and smothers till our vanquished dancer lies helpless in the ring. So it must be over, oh no, Kristie is hungry and her vampire side comes out, as does Celeste’s blood !!!!!!


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