Match 1 -Roommates! They can be so frustrating, Misty Stone is lounging on the couch in just a skimpy g-string when her roommate, Jessica Bangkok rages in upset with Misty’s bathroom habits. A fight ensures, Jessica is also just just in her panties so they are both free to go after those vulnerable breasts, and attack they do as their breast flesh gets gouged, twitted and bitten – but this is just one of many aspects of this wild fight, because these two are really wild and thanks to our friends at because they had put these two together and told us how wild they were. Jessica found this out the hard way when Misty picks her up and drops her on the couch, Jessica was so shocked as she confessed later, no one had ever picked her up before, but this was just the beginning of how crazy these two could get because high energy just can’t be harnessed and when you get two high energy girls together it’s amazing – great face sits, leg scissors, chokes and long hair pulling segments. They roll on the floor mutually slapping each others beautiful butts, roll and spank, how glorious – these are wild wild angry women that pack everything into one hot video !!!!!!

Match 2 -SEDUCTION MATCH, we like the sound of that, and that’s exactly what these two beauties decide on. Angela Sommers is fast becoming one of our most popular girls, and no wonder she is a strikingly beautiful blonde and is in with another of our most popular fems; the incredible Erika Jordan. The rules for this seduction match are when one girl gets the other pinned and is able to steal a kiss that loser has to take off an article of clothing – sounds like fun to us. Here we go, each lady gets her pins and kisses and each time more clothing gets stripped off as these two gorgeous bodies get exposed till finally they are left in only skinny g-strings, they do this with the help of great chokes, surf boards, camel clutches and much more till they get that sexy pin. But even when the match is finished we are treated to a long sexy oil message that the loser has to give to the winner, slowly hands slide over the curves of this sleek shinny body and ending with a long kiss – two gorgeous ladies in a SEXY SEDUCTION MATCH !!!!!!

Match 3 -Get ready for another new concept match and to make it even more fun it’s with two of DT’s hottest blondes; JC Marie and Tylene Buck. Trash talking leads to these two hotties wanting to mess each other up and what better way than a good creamy pie in the face, that’s right the loser gets her beautiful face all messed up with a pie slammed into it. They must be mad to agree to this pie fight, something they both truly hate, nothing worse than getting their makeup fucked up. Soon we are heavy into a wild cat fight that has them both topless and rolling around the ring applying camel clutches, scissors, slugs, kicks, a super squishing match book and killer chokes. Finally we have a victor and they don’t quite push the pie in the face as much as we would like but the tables get turned and another face gets a white goatee as she is forced to eat some cream – still not over as we get even more fighting between these amazing blondes. Two of the hottest blondes fighting not to get a pie in the face, another great fun concept to show off super sexy ladies fighting not to get creamed !!!!!!


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