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Match 1 -From the very start of this match you can tell it’s gonna be a great one. Dia Zerva and Kristie Etzold both think they’re god’s gift to wrestling. The problem is that neither one has any respect for the other. This results in non-stop violence and cruelty that is utterly beautiful. These two brawlers pull every low-down trick in the book, but I’m not sure if these two dirty thugs have ever even picked up a book (unless their hitting someone with it). At one point Dia sinks in a camel clutch with double fish hooks! If your first born son brought home one of these bad girls you’d be better off killing him and starting over. But watching these two rip the stuffing out of each other is an epic treat.

Match 2 – The classic bombshell Hollywood is adorned in a super tiny golden bikini and wrestling boots. She stares menacingly across the ring at the adorable Samantha Ryan. The bell rings and the two beauties lurk to the center of the ring, when out of nowhere Hollywood pulls out a baseball bat and whacks Sam hard. The violence is just getting started. This catfight features two of DT’s best wrestlers and best set of tits. The only thing better than watching these two ladies beat each other up, is watching them beat each other up topless.

Match 3Kimberly Jane, Miss Energy, is dieing to take on Goldie Blair, the badass brit. These two babes immediately attack each other. Ripping at one another’s tits, their enormous, beautiful breasts roll out of their tops for all the DT universe to see. Kimberly’s rasping voice is made even sexier through her panting squeals of pain. Expect loads of butt slapping and mauling. Goldie face sits the young Kimberly showing her why you don’t mess with a vet. Will it be enough to take down a young ball of energy like Kimberly? You’ll just have to purchase this match to find out.


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