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Match 1 -This is the rematch Cali Logan demanded after her beat down by Sandy White in 926-01, and this is one lalapalooza. Two of the best – pure entertainment is what they offer, everything in one match: great holds, throws, destruction and most of all surprises. A topless Cali takes a real battering, from pile drivers to body slams and oh so many painful holds that end in pins. But this is the undefatigable Cali Logan and quit is not in her vocabulary. The girl next door, from the neighborhood we all wish we lived in is offering some pain of her own – she has been training, throws, soccer slides and clotheslines give the ultimate warrior Sandy something to think about, but not enough pain to stop the blond bombshell. But that smiling little cutie is ready to resort to drastic measures to win – Sandy gets pained big time, can she take it, can she take as much as she gives out? You’ll have to watch to find out — It’s pure entertainment, one of the most fun matches I’ve seen in a long time!!!

Match 2 -Can super strong beat super skill – we are about to find out as our African queen, Afrika, takes on the the queen of show time, Hollywood. Speed gives hollywood the early edge as she knees, forearms and slugs the mammoth Afrika, desperately she strives to keep the large one away because once the muscled one has her grip, it’s a pain a coming. The slender beauty does well maneuvering around and through, dishing out pain as she goes but Afrika keeps coming, coming, coming till she has those strong arms around that trim waist – now comes the power as Hollywood is slammed to the canvas, over and over she is raised high and dropped hard. Then come the holds, Camel clutches, cross arm chokes, scissors, she even smashes her tender hands with her boot clad feet. So much torture, so much pain – can Hollywood’s skill save her, does she have enough strength to come back? Another fun match with something for everyone – power and skill!!!

Match 3 -If you want to see a real fight between two of the toughest ladies to ever grace a mat then this is the one for you. A multi submission match that’s for real! It’s a rematch from PS-011-1, which is one of the roughest matches we have ever seen. Sandy White has been in training since her loss to Kristie Etzold, her weight is much reduced and her new speed is apparent as she quickly attacks, slugging the red head hard in the gut, Kristie returns the punch and we know we in for a real treat – these girls hold nothing back – gut busting blows. It gets even worse once Sandy has Kristie in the corner and unleashes a flurry of these shattering bombs to Red’s mid section. From here we move to the ground where a headlock turns into multiple leg scissors, and kristie has some of the strongest legs in the business. In the corner the busty blond jumps on Kristie’s gut then on to her neck with both feet, these would crush any other girl but Kristie just laughs – that sets the tone for this whole match – these ladies can dish out and take more pain than any two women we have ever seen, they can also maneuver out of almost any hold. It ends in controversy as one finally get the third submission but there are no losers here, we all win with this fabulous go for it all match between two of the toughest ever!!!!


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