Match 1 -Melissa Jacobs lost her phone. She frantically searches the DT headquarters until she finds a cell phone lying in the center of the ring. As she picks it up she is come upon by Skylar Rene. Skylar is upset to find Melissa holding her phone. Melissa swears that she thought it was hers, but the misunderstanding is already too far gone. Melissa kicks Skylar as she turns away. Mounting her foe, Ms. Jacobs tells Skylar that she “has never forgiven her.” It is more than obvious that there is bad blood between these bad bitches. Melissa may take the early lead, but it isn’t long until Skylar has stripped Melissa completely naked and chokes her to the point of blacking out, over and over again. The nasty little red head becomes Skylar’s plaything. You will surely enjoy watching the inventive and fun ways Skylar plays with her new slave.

Match 2 -Christina Carter is an evil, riding crop wielding bad guy in this campy super spy caper. She has Erika Jordan, the famous American super spy, tied to a chair. Erika is wearing nothing more than a bra and panties. Christina heads to the bedroom to change into something more comfortable before she begins Erika’s torture session. Erika struggles violently with her hand ties until she is free. A clueless Christina is taken by surprise and a scuffle ensues. Eventually, Erika manages to tie up and gag her kidnapper. Erika takes delight in playing with Christina’s ample buttocks. Slowly she pulls Ms. Carter’s panty hose down, making sure to take time to slap and jiggle. Erika pulls out some lipstick and in perfect block letter writes, “BIG ASS BITCH LOSER” on Christina’s butt. Christina’s naked, slapped, and painted ass is left bare and propped up for all of her henchmen to see when they get back.

Match 3 -So back when Idelsy Love first came to DT she was interviewed and said how tough she thought she was, then was told she shouldn’t hang around because other girls were coming in and they sometimes took advantage of new girls – well this seems to make her want to stay around and true to Mark’s words soon Melissa Jacobs came in. The red head tells the brunette she has a lot to learn and plans on teaching her a lesson, the fight gets wild as Idelsy takes off her heels but leaves on the rest of her sexy outfit; her short skirt, bra and stockings and all in black – Melissa in such sexy shorts and nylons. Melissa attacks first with a deep choke and then continues to destroy her. Mark comes back and now an angry Idelsy wants a real match, and nothing could make Melissa happier. The fight is on and Melissa is shocked when the brunette takes charge, not only beats up but bloodies the red head, when she plants her amazing ass on Mel’s beautiful face the destruction really rains down. More rounds give Melissa some destruction of her own but Idelsy is still angry and is soon back on the attack and it gets even worse… nylons are torn to shreds, even her fancy wrestling boots are ripped off. Making Idelsy mad can be hazardous to your health !!!!


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