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Match 1 – The bodies on Serena Blair and Idelsy Love are truly magnificent. They have perfect curves and tight tummies. All of which are shown off beautifully via some sexy two-piece lingerie, thigh high stockings, and high heels. The camera is in love with them. However, neither woman wants to share the attention. They fight to push one another out of the cameraman’s frame. This leads to the ladies taking their tops off and putting on some boxing gloves. The models punch and tenderize each other’s tits. Eventually, they remove the gloves and begin to use their bony fingers to pinch and scratch at one another’s tits. Little by little, the pugilists move their attention south. Wedgies lead to clawing, and to get a better grip, the girls remove each other’s panties. Nude, except for thigh high stockings, Idelsy and Serena inflict life-changing amounts of pain upon one another. This is a once in a lifetime catfight that is as violent as the girls are beautiful.

Match 2 – String bikinis, pommelled breasts and beautiful ladies: Francesca Le and Akira Lane are doing battle in this fabulous match. They meet in the center of the ring for a sustained test of strength, the strain jiggles their ample breasts as the titties are free to roam in their sting tops that only frame their sweet breasts, they flow to a crushing bear hug, then full nelsons till one is trapped on the ropes for some great breast bashing with fists, fingers and clawing and then the gut gets demolished – we’re just five minutes in. Back to more great bear hugs this time face to face where those breasts get smashed flesh to flesh, then more full nelsons and great battering and if those string bikinis weren’t small enough they rip them off each and get even wilder, now they school girl pin and unobstructed they can really go hard on that breast flesh, fists sink in deep and hard and then fingers claw as the victim screams with pain. Now too tired to stand they bear hug is on their knees as they squeeze with the last bit of their energy in their bodies, longer and longer they press – front bear hug, reverse bear hug… till their is nothing left – here they come – watch out !!!!!

Match 3 – Are you strapped in, you better be because this one is amazing – yes 50 minutes for the usual price but the first twenty minutes is them preparing, yes preparing – Ivy Sherwood has agreed to show Jamie Lynn her secret exercise that has been passed down through her family for generations. But first they have to prepare and that is a slow strip till naked then a wipe down and finally Ivy has to show her all the moves that are allowed – the goal is to make her partner orgasm but only certain moves are allowed. They can use certain scissors and pins and other moves and they are allowed to stimulate breasts with hands and mouths. It is very sensual watching these two young beauties ready themselves for some sexual wrestling. Finally they are off and we are treated to some sexy moves as they wrestle and stimulate at the same time; hold her down and lick her breasts, tribb her crotch, scissor her so you can rub her pussy till she can take no more and orgasms. Then we start it all over again, bear hugs, head locks and so much more till one can stimulate those breasts again and again and orgasm again and again. So much fun in one video, get the popcorn because this one has everything and will last you through the night – enjoy !!!!!


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