Ariel X vs. Jewell Marceau

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Muscle and Fitness Match

DT 1432-02 / Time: 21 Minutes / Size: 494 MB


We all know how muscular Ariel X is and she is in top shape for this contest because she knows Jewell Marceau has been training for a fitness contest and that if she wants to beat her in this contest she has to be in super shape. Both ladies do a little pre contest bluster but when Ariel takes off her robe she is topless and flexing those pecks, so of course Jewell also takes off her top to show off her breasts. The first contest is posing and both ladies give us many great views to show off their magnificent bodies. Next it’s a breast battle as they line up breast to breast and try to push each other across the ring, their tits flatten under the pressure as each babe is unwilling to give, then we are treated to an extended test of strength where arm muscles are taken to their limits, next it’s gut slugs – which of those hard abs can take the most abuse and each takes her turn with gut bombs but Jewell loses it and even starts slugging Ariel’s tits. Ariel now takes total control of this contest as she throws Jewell over her shoulder many times for many lifts with carrying and squats, even adds many painful holds — she has to show who’s the alpha babe here, and boy does she !!!!!!