Kianna Dior vs. Jewell Marceau


DT 1431-03 / Time: 31 Minutes / Size: 703 MB


1424-02 was a milking orgy between Kianna Dior and Jewell Marceau but even though they filled multiple containers of milk they had not determined a winner so they are back at it. Wow is this match amazing, it is all breasts with some tribbing for variety, and this is the best of breasts, not only do we have four magnificent specimens of chest flesh but all that can be done is done to these magnificent flesh orbs. First they try to milk each others breasts with their mouths, suck and pull the tits as they soak those pert nipples, over and over from one breast to the other but again no winner. Next it’s biting torture as they sink those pearly whites into that soft flesh, then to crushing breasts with bear hugs and wall splashes, finally to devastating scratches that even draw blood — then it’s back and forth with all of these destructive tactics. Add in some sexy tribbing where they rub those pussies together to take each other to orgasmic ends. Breasts, breasts and more breasts — wow over thirty minutes —— you must keep abreast of this fabulous breast orgy !!!!!!