Cali Logan vs. Erika Jordan

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Wrestling Catfight Match

DT 1435-01 / Time: 20 Minutes / Size: 480 MB


Everyone loves these two: Cali Logan vs Erika Jordan — get ready for this one. They both strut their stuff to intimidate each other but to no effect and then agree to a multi fall match with submissions but the last round can be a knockout, oh and Erika insists on no face punching. They start out with hot action, Capri takes over with a devastating body scissors only to be countered by Erika securing a great camel clutch and …. a reverse by Cali — this is the type of match we have, back and forth. Both these babes are of equal size and tenacity, soon they have ripped their tops off to use as weapons and what’s this Cali has Erika in the corner and is hitting her in the face, Erika angrily complains but Cali says they’re slaps not punches and continues, this slapping become a prime element in the match. The anger is at a fevered pitch now, one girl takes over and when she has an end she truly makes her foe pay – pay in such a severe way !!!!!!