Sara Brooke vs. Capri Cavanni

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Wrestling Domination Match

DT 1436-02 / Time: 31 Minutes / Size: 723 MB


Now everyone knows Sarah Brooke is a great wrestler and Capri Cavanni is good but not in Sarah’s class but Capri has been training and she is sure she can take this wench. This is a timed match, whoever gets the most submissions in the time limit wins. They both start topless and ready to rumble, Capri is eager to show her new skills but soon finds herself on the mat in a body stretching camel clutch and is forced to give. Capri is sure she can take the next fall but soon finds herself in an agonizing surf board, and what a joy it is to see that amazing body displayed in pain – she gives again. Sarah has never looked so good, her sleek body moves like a silk scarf in the wind as time after time she finds a way to wrap her body around Capri and submit her and lets face it, how much fun is it to watch the sexy Capri get destroyed in so many great ways — seeing that amazing body put in Boston Crabs, figure fours, bow and arrow, scissors with full nelson and so many more… her gorgeous limbs stretched as her beautiful face is pursed in suffering. Domination never looked so good !!!!!!