Match 1Erika Jordan and Ashley Graham are two of the most perfect brunettes one could ever find. They are facing off in some very sexy business wear. As they start to peal the tight material off of each other’s sculpted bodies they lean in close and talk some very dirty smack. This enrages both fighters and the quest to hurt their opponent becomes more and more vital. Erika and Ashley may look like girly girls, but they have some of the strongest hands in the business. Their muscular digits disappear into one another’s soft flesh. They squeal and squeak incessantly to the never ending onslaught of mammary malice.

Match 2Angela Sommers, also known as “Sweetness,” is the new hot shit at Double Trouble. She is very full of herself and demands a match with the champion. Melissa Jacobs is the long reigning champ and is furious that a newbie would be allowed the chance at the highly revered DT belt. During their interview before the fight, Melissa sucker shots Angela, giving her a taste of what’s in store for her. When the day of the match actually comes both fighters are clawing at the chance to hurt the other. Can the hourglass-figured challenger defeat the tight-bodied champion? This is more that a grudge match… it is a HATE match.

Match 3Melissa Jacobs and Capri Cavanni are a perfect match up. They both have tight tummies, perky tits, and lively personalities. In this brawl they are wearing nothing but skin tone panty hose. These two are so evenly matched that you will be amazed that either one could even win. Watching the lady combatants is more than fun. It is an honor. Here at Double Trouble Productions we take pride in bringing you the very best that the female fighting world has to offer. You will undoubtedly sit back in awed satisfaction as this fight ends with the gorgeous loser falling unconscious as her knees fall apart and her head goes limp.


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