Match 1 -Are you afraid of clowns? Of course you’re afraid of clowns. Everyone is a little creeped out by clowns. However, Evil Clown is worse. He is a monster that dug itself out of your nightmares. His grotesque face and even more disgusting body will be working over the stunningly gorgeous Christina Carter today. An unaware Christina talks on her cell phone as Evil Clown slinks up behind her and then savagely grabs her. Evil Clown’s husky growl whispers in Christina’s ear as he chokes and strips his prey. Christina puts up a hearty effort to fend off her gruesome attacker. She screams and punches at Evil Clown as he clumsily and violently squeezes Christina’s large breasts. Once Evil Clown has stripped Christina down to her bra, panties, and high heels, he chokes her out and drags her from her home to a wrestling ring. Terrified, Christina awakens nearly nude, in a strange place, and with a monster standing over her. The fear grips her tighter than Evil Clown. If you want to watch the beautiful and topless Christina Carter brutalized by a monster then this is the video for you!

Match 2 -Hollywood and Kristie Etzold are two of the greatest pros in the Double Trouble hall of fame. Hollywood is glitz and glam. Her technique is one of speed, agility, and skillful technique. Kristie’s fighting style resembles a bulldozer. She uses brute force and sheer nastiness to leave her foes limp and maimed. The bell rings and two veterans stop their bickering long enough to get to the fighting. Hollywood uses her swiftness to side step her robust opponent. With a precision that only comes from years of training, Hollywood masterfully sinks in leg locks on Kristie. Hollywood’s catlike reflexes keep her out of Kristie’s grasp for a while, but it only takes one of Kristie’s mighty attacks to land to change the game. When Kristie gets a hold of you, she tears you apart and doesn’t let go. Can Hollywood’s speed save her from the jaws of a monster?

Match 3 -Odette Delacroix wants to try out wrestling. She thinks it might be fun and a cute story to tell her friends about. Melissa Jacobs is offended by Odette’s casual manner. To Melissa, wrestling is a way of life, and a grueling way of life at that. Melissa decides that she will show Odette exactly what kind of “hobby” she is picking. Ms. Jacobs picks up the waifish Odette with out any effort at all. She spins, squeezes, and drops poor Odette over and over again. In fact, the vast majority of this match features Melissa picking up Odette, holding her in a number of ways, and then dropping her. Melissa will airplane spin, fireman carry, bear hug, give shoulder rides, and piggy back rides to little Odette. You will be pleasantly surprised at how tough Odette is. She takes every ounce of what Melissa has to give her. If you are in the mood to watch a hardened fighter pick up and drop a petite young upstart, then this is with out a doubt the video for you.


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