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Match 1Misty Stone starts this wondrous match off with a butt wiggle that would rival the greatest of our big booty stars. Sadie Holmes is no pushover. She is a ferocious fighter with blood on her mind. The screams increase as the bikini tops are lost. The perky little tits on these hot mamas are world class. However, it is the booties that Misty and Sadie give the most attention to. Whenever they get a chance they hold their opponent down and give them a nice butt slapping. Will Ebony or Ivory survive this tantalizing catfight? You must watch this unbearably great video to find out.

Match 2JC Marie and Tylene Buck are more than legends in the DT realm, they are goddesses. If you would like to see perfection personified then this is your ticket. The two buxom blondes start off the match in high heels and sling bikinis. Their bulbous assess and plump boobies are on full display from the very beginning of the match. Their high pitched feminine squeals are almost constant. Except for when they break to rub copious amounts of baby oil on themselves. It is a direct order from the Double Trouble executives that you enjoy this video from start to finish… I have absolutely no doubt that you will.

Match 3 -Do you like blondes? Who doesn’t. This awe inspiring video features two of DT’s most incredible towheads. They have hourglass figures, pristine faces, and the martial arts skills of assasssins. These beauties really enjoy torturing each other. They make sure to take their time as they mutilate the ass, stomach, and breasts of their opponent. You will surely quiver as the soft bodies of these babes are present to seemingly endless minutes of pain. JC Marie and Randy Moore are 100% badass and prove it in this video. By watching this video you may help support DT’s strongly held belief that blondes can be more fun and more badass.


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