Match 1 -Bad, bad girl in black, Santana is the evil one taking the souls of her victims ,but the Silver Goddess, (Randy Moore) has a new champion. The red caped Celeste Star is ready to do battle with the evil one, knowing full well her soul is on the line. The fight is a wild back and forth battle with both supers showing off their power, Celeste in her sexy costume gets an arm bar then a waist scissors on the long haired villain but always the bad one comes back till she rips the cape off of poor Celeste and then comes the destruction, finally stomping on her in front of the goddess, then a few more holds to weaken her so she can take her soul – she sucks the life out of her leaving only flesh and bones. Now the Silver Goddess must fight for her own soul, it’s a wild battle that finally ends with these two sexy babes in an extreme test of strength that goes on for so long, back and forth, to their knees, up, over, down and up again till finally it is over and …. well it’s another super job by both the good and the bad – a real soul stealing match!!!!!!

Match 2 -Sex bots and sex cops, oh you’re going to wish they visited your house. Sex bot Capri Cavanni is accidentally transported to earth, desperately looking for someone to have sex with, but alas she ends up in an empty house, so in vain she searches for a sex toy. Sex cop Randy Moore transports to this same house, her job is to take back the sex bot, she finds her and the real fun begins, Capri wants to use this cop to pleasure her but the cop wants to control her – they fight, two of the sexiest bodies around rip off their tops and go from fight to pleasure as the rubbing and sucking goes from pain to sex. The cop is forced to use some of her electronic devices because this sex bot is just so damn sexy. The end has a great and very appropriate twist for this super sexy romp – fighting for lust, sex and control – what could be better?!?!?!?

Match 3 -Busty Wondrous Woman, Ariella Ferrera is ready for the big fight with the masked devil, Kristie Etzold, or at least she thinks she is, but no one can really be ready for this devil of a blood thirsty destroyer. The masked devil attacks trying to rip the eyes out of Wonders beautiful face, but WW summons her powers and puts the devil in the corner where she beats on her, then to the ground for some good stomping, but this is the devil and pounding and punching only makes her mad – she picks the brown busty one up by the throat and carries her to the corner where the beating begins. This is one savage bloody beating as only devil Kristie can give, she so enjoy destroying, the taste of blood makes her so happy as she takes Wonder out of the ring to pound her on the ring post. Back in the ring, to add insult to injury she strips her from her precious costume then continues her onslaught, attacking the sweat drenched fleshy chest. It’s blood, sweat and tears as Devil Woman uses the magic lasso to add the final destruction and humiliation to the poor beautiful wonder of a woman – ultimate destruction!!!!!


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