Match 1 -This video begins with Tylene Buck working out in the DT wrestling ring. Tylene is doing crunches on a yoga ball when Akira Lane walks in and punches Tylene in the gut. The fighting begins and boy is it a fight! These two ladies take part in a knock down drag out rumble. Tylene smacks Akira to the ground grabs the yoga ball and slams it down hard on the wounded Akira. Akira brings Tylene to the mat and spreads her legs. The yoga ball gets shoved in between Tylene’s thighs and is used to pry her soft white legs apart. This is a beautiful and unique prop match starring Double Troubles most legendary female fighters.

Match 2Odette Delacroix is tiny, pale, and blonde. Her opponent, Randy Moore, is a tall, curvy, tanned blonde. The powerful Ms. Moore manhandles her slight foe. On multiple occasions Randy picks up Odette and caries her around the room before dropping her to the mat. As Odette whimpers and struggles to get up, Randy pins her to the ground with one foot. Randy lays on top of Odette. Her mighty breasts pushing against and weighing down on Odette’s petite handfuls. The juxtaposition of Randy’s sun kissed bazookas to Odette’s milky softness is a work of work. This is an exhilarating domination match featuring some of DT’s hottest blondes.

Match 3Abigail Mac and Angela Sommers are in the DT dressing room wearing some very similar looking outfits. The conversation soon turns to who looks better in the naughty schoolgirl outfits they both wear beautifully. The tiny tops, plaid skirts, and thigh high stockings are the very essence of sexiness. After each girl wins a round they strip their opponent of one piece of clothing. Slowly the fighters are exposed until both are wearing nothing but stockings and underwear. The winner, filled with pride and pent-up sexual energy, uses her gorgeous ass to smother the loser into unconsciousness. I don’t know about you, but that’s how I want to go!


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