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Match 1 -Breasts and butts, how wonderful and when we say breasts and butts JC Marie soon comes to mind and so she should but another great ass is also had by Ivy Sherwood, yes this petit African American packs a nice load of junk in her trunk and while not as big as JC’s, Ivy’s breasts are wonderfully full of bounce. So it’s just natural that when Ivy catches JC admiring her body Ivy challenges her to a body contest, they shake those fabulous butts till they just have to slam them together, and slam them they do and in all sorts of positions, on knees, standing, spanking anything to bounce that beautiful butt flesh. Then they go after their breasts, twisting those nipples and gouging that flesh, then milking till they force a wet delivery. If this wasn’t enough they decide they have to do it all over again only nude this time… butts and breasts and two super hot babes that bring us the black and white of beautiful BUTTS and BREASTS !!!!!

Match 2Akira Lane and Star 9 in a Tiger match, need we say more? Well we probably don’t but we will anyway, these are two hot fighters that love to touch flesh. We know it’s going to be a vicious one when during and initial bear hug Akira gives Star a vicious wedgie, and then she tops that off with some hard butt spanking… and they are just getting warmed up. Man do these girls get after each other, soon Star is naked and getting a hand in her crotch, not just in there but gouging and smacking but don’t think tough cute Star is out for the count, no way – she soon has Akira naked and is on top smacking our Asian beauty all around. They trade positions, each taking her turn at destruction, bouncing on top, scissor destruction, mounting from behind, standing on the couch as she pulls her rivals hair and in the end one tiger brands the other with words of disgust on her vulnerable ass. These tiger gang fights are the best… so brutal and so sexual !!!!!

Match 3Amirah vs Mira, yes another great Euro nude match, a rematch of DT-1136-02 in fact. So many of you have been requesting the Euro girls and we are pumping them out. And these are two real beauties, and all natural… that’s right these girls are coming to you just the way they began their earthly journey, naked and no plastic. They get wild on each other with camel clutches, scissors, arm bars, bow and arrows, and when they do that leg spreader it is a thing of beauty, watching these amazing young bodies stretching to the extreme, and they do it again with the grapevines – of course a great match wouldn’t be complete without some great figure four leg locks. You can feel how much these beauties love romping around naked, go ahead, FEEL IT, the natural beauty of these babes comes right through the screen !!!!!!


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