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Match 1Mai Mao, we thought this girl was a cream puff, a beautiful Asian delight that couldn’t really fight…. boy were we wrong – soon we will be coming out with a competitive match where she fights a guy (Grunt) and it is one fabulous match where Mai is amazing. So we knew when we put her up against another tough Asian beauty, Jessica Bangcock, we were in for a real donnybrook, right we were – this is one wild battle. We start on Mai in her corner bouncing up and down, her beautiful breasts going wild on her chest… we know where this one’s going, yes, it’s an all out breast war where the tits are attacked in every which way, my favorite is against the ropes where breast flesh is rammed in distorting and squishing them then she mauls the compressed breasts. And so much more, mauling, battering, smothering,…. tough girls but how much can their luscious breasts take? Then the ultimate ending as one lady gets her hands tied behind her back enabling her foe to commit ultimate breast destruction… breasts, breasts and more breasts – you will enjoy !!!!!

Match 2Kianna Dior and Goldie Blair have some bulging busts and I can promise you that they will be on full display in this one of a kind DT titty match. The video starts with a behind the scenes shot showing Kianna and Goldie getting ready for the competition. As the two queens walk past each other in the cramped dressing room they rub their bare breasts together. Quickly they begin to push back and forth using their heroically sized breasts as battering rams. The video cuts there and then picks up in the ring where the ladies do basically the same thing except wearing nothing but bikini bottoms.

Match 3Akira Lane is looking very sexy in a pair of daisy dukes and a cut off wife beater. However, she is very embarrassed to find that Erika Jordan is wearing exactly the same outfit. The worst part is that Erika isn’t satisfied with simply stealing Akira’s style, she also wants Akira’s man. This means all out war. The two battling babes rip their tiny tank tops off and go at each other’s breasts with an animalistic savagery. If you are a fan of gorgeous girls in short shorts and great tits wearing nothing, then this is a perfect fit for you. If you still aren’t convinced then just wait for the costume change. They end up in high heels, stockings, garters, and thongs… truly a glorious sight!


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