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Match 1 -Another great lady like cat fight with two evenly matched wild cats; MIko Sinz vs. Danielle Trixie, these two love getting down on the floor and rolling, yes they roll with their nylon clad legs intertwined. Through their tops they eagerly go after each others petit breasts, so savage are these breast attacks that they now go through the bras, not good enough – the bras get pulled down so they can truly attack those breasts. These breasts are just the right size to wrap your hands around and wrap and gouge they do as they dig those sharp red nails into that soft feminine breast flesh. Their sexy legs stay draped together as they struggle for that dominate position, they even violently start tribbing, rubbing those nylon clad crotches together as they roll to destruction. These two wild cats get about as wild as I have seen them – great nylon cat fight !!!!

Match 2 -A pantyhose tit fight, that’s what these two want and a pantyhose tit fight is just what we get. Taylor Vixen in her short skirt and white top is challenging Randy Moore in her hot red skirt and heels. Their sexy legs rub as we hear that nylon friction sound that is so sweet, and then into the the meat of the match; the meat of their breast flesh as they dig deep those sharp nails. Taylor has some of the most supple breasts ever, yes it is such a delight seeing Randy gouge deep into this soft bountiful flesh. Both ladies rake, twist, gouge and pinch both breast and nipple as a tit fight it is. But not just a tit fight, no, they go after those pantyhose too as their legs and butts get into the action, they roll across the floor clinging together as though they were one body with four legs, beautiful butts slam down on vulnerable guts and then of course back to that fabulous tit fight with ultimate breast destruction !!!!

Match 3 -Are you ready for one super hot match, a varied super hot match because this match has something for everyone. Erika Jordan and Cali Logan are both dressed in the sexiest of lingerie; black bras, black panties, black stockings and black heels, these are two of the hottest ladies in wrestling but with these outfits they are even hotter than usual as they roll across the ring. They wrap those legs together and pull that hair as they roll from side to side, each striving to destroy the other. If this isn’t fun enough they strip out of the heels, bras and stockings so they can oil their luscious bodies, slowly they lather their sleek legs, butts and breasts. Next they get down on all fours and back those shinny butts into each other for a great ass contest, their cute pert behinds slam hard, then still on all fours they prowl around the ring, like two sexy cats waiting to pounce and pounce they do; right into some more tight rolling eventually in the sixty-nine position they roll sucking each other up close and only stopping to apply more oil and add some bear hugs, but then back to their sexy roll as their hugs become a death grip. It’s a lot of rolling but so much more, so get ready for one super hot match !!!!


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