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Match 1 -Best thing about a good pro style match is those sexy one pieces and Cali Logan and Christie Stevens are looking so hot in their tight sexy suits and wrestling boots. And this multi fall pin or submission match is more than just sexy it is one hard fought battle as both of these babes are willing to throw down some holds. They start out with a lock-up that the blonde turns into a killer camel clutch, Cali turns it around and goes for a pin but out kicks the brunette. Boston Crabs, scissors and chokes, just to name a few sustained holds, and the strain on that cross legged arm stretch is so much that Cali’s breasts can’t help but seductively pop out of her silver suit. Match book, test of strength, surf board and one final choke as we near the end of this fabulous match. Pro action in the sexiest one pieces with two of the sexiest ladies that are very evenly matched… sexy, sexy pros !!!!!

Match 2 -Emily Austin and Serena Blair have wonderful bodies and perfectly perky tits. Emily is blonde and tanned, while Serena is brunette with milky skin. The wrestlers warm up for their match with a couple topless Indian wrestling matches and tit fights. These are only the appetizers before the main course, because these two ladies quickly get down to some real wrestling. They aren’t even a minute into the match before Emily suplexes Serena hard to the mat. Serena returns the favor by sinking in a body triangle and mangling the milk out of Emily’s tight bosoms. Emily does her best to keep up with her attacker, but she seems to be no match for the grape vines and airplane suplexes that Serena executes with pin point accuracy. These two athletes will keep any sports fan coming back for more.

Match 3 -Tara Morgan lost her last match against Mia Li. She has been fuming over that loss for a long while, and today is the day of her rematch with the exotic Mia Li. Before this submission match starts Tara whines and cries about how unfair the last contest was. Mia listens with a cool carelessness as she slowly saunters over to Tara’s corner. Ms. Li leans in close to her now anxious foe and confidently explains how she will dominate Tara. That is almost exactly what happens. Mia is in complete control as she pummels and stretches her opponent’s joints to the point of rupture. The violence crescendos in a Mexican ceiling hold that almost knocks Tara out. I wouldn’t count Tara out quite yet though. She may still have one or two tricks up her sleeve. Can Tara Morgan really come back from near destruction to score some sweet revenge?


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