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Match 1 -Erika Jordan is stunningly athletic sight to behold. When she flexes her sinewy muscles her rippled six pack stomach shows for all DT fans to see. Serena Blair stands across from Erika, looking confident and perky. Both women are wearing only panties, letting their wonderful bodies soak up some attention. The winner of this fight gets a highly coveted contract with a fitness magazine. The fire in each woman’s eyes flames brightly as they pose and trash talk each other. This is no playful romp between two newbies, this is a grueling, gut wrenching match. The fighters heave and scream as they lock in figure four leg locks, arm bars, and standing back breakers. Sit back and relax as you watch hell unfurl in the ring.

Match 2 -Christie and Erika Jordan are going tit for tat today. They begin their fight with a tit match. Both girls are wearing nothing but tiny, white, cotton panties. Erika wears a ponytail and Christie sports some braided pigtails. These wrestlers look adorable to say the very least. When they finish their mind blowingly cute tit match they begin a set of Indian wrestling. This quickly leads to punches, kicks, and repeated suplexes to the hard blue canvas. You might not find these youthful ladies so darling when you see how they treat each other while angry. You are going to love watching these sweet looking young grapplers face sit one another into submission.

Match 3 -Something for everyone when Tara Morgan and Celeste Star go at it, they start out topless with lots of trash talking – two sleek beauties looking so athletic as they stretch to warm up for the big fight. A hard gut shot leads to multiple body slams, yes these beauties may be petit but they are strong and the body slams come hard. The rest of this match is filled with great holds and some hard gut shots, these bellies are lean and firm but they can still dig those fists in deep. Both these ladies are super tough as proved by how long they can endure a killer hold: bow and arrow, Indian death lock, bear hugs, figure four, leg spreader, and the finishing destroyer; over the shoulder back breaker. Each hold is a sustained piece of art as their beautiful sleek bodies are stretched and pulled to the limit but that back breaker is the best, that young body draped over those feminine shoulders till she can take no more, no more! There is a good reason why Tara is becoming so popular, her beauty and her youthful enthusiasm make her a perfect match for Celeste – these two together are a real treat that you will enjoy !!!!


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