Match 1 -Lady like cat fight – lady like cat fight – that’s right another of those great cat fights where the girls try to rip the tits off their rival. This is a great one because we have two super hot babes: Abigail Mac and Idelsy Love, now you know when these two get together sparks fly. Both ladies in red skirts that constantly ride up their beautiful butts and show off their gorgeous shapely legs that are clad in dark brown nylons, such sexy nylons with those black high heels, and best of all they take their blouses and bras off very soon so they can get to those luscious breasts… my favorite is when each girl gets the other in the doggie position and then digs her red claws into those sagging tits, like aggressive milking. On the couch their legs intertwine as they attack the breasts, even into a tribbing position that allows for mutual access to those vulnerable breasts, and they both have such nice tits to sink red nails into. If you like hair pulling, tit destruction and cat balling then these are the cat fights for you !!!!

Match 2 -Liz Ashley has perky little peach colored tits. Erika Jordan has plump caramel colored bulbs for breasts. Each pair is perfect in their own way, and boy do these girls know it. As they argue about who has the better pair, Erika becomes fed up and challenges Liz to a tit fight. Liz has never fought a tit fight before, but she is not one to back down. The new comer is a quick study and finds herself doing some mutual breast mauling in no time at all. In between all the nipple pinching the ladies find time to yank on one another’s flowing hair. Sitting with their skirts hiked up, still in high heels and panty hose, they inch towards each other with their legs spread and grind their crotches together in ecstatic tribadism. The loser will be proven to have inferior tits and be left unconscious and topless for the world to see.

Match 3 -Odette Delacroix and Celeste Star have been friends for a long time. Their mothers are friends. However, their mothers have had a falling out. Odette has decided that she might be able to help her mom out by beating up Celeste. Odette insults Celeste’s brown panty hose. Celeste laughs and points out that Odette is wearing a bright orange skirt and panty hose with red shoes. Both girls being easily offended, resort to violence. Ms. Delacroix grabs Celeste by her braided pigtails. Celeste quickly returns the favor and soon both girls are vigorously yanking at each other’s hair and tits. The fight soon moves to the floor where the young combatants find a myriad of ways to maul breasts, pull hair, and scissor one another. There is a reason why Odette and Celeste are fan favorites. Their looks are only outdone by the ferociousness of their attacks. Believe me, neither girl with leave this fight without a few wounds to prove she had been to war.


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