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Match 1Liz and Paris Kennedy are some very lady-like businesswomen. However, that doesn’t stop them from arguing about who wears their business attire better. Their argument gets quite heated and fortunately for us they begin one very un-lady-like catfight. The tops and bras are lost almost immediately leaving their big bulging breasts as fair targets. Sharp red nails are instantly dug into the soft, pillowy boob flesh. The shrieks and groans are almost sexual in nature, and become even more so as their panty-hosed legs are intertwined, lightly shrouded crotch rubbing against lightly shrouded crotch. Expect to see this steamy tribadism occur more than once. This sensual yet violent match is a DT masterpiece that every fan needs to see.

Match 2Angela Sommers looks so hot going through the ropes in her sexy tight short shorts, skin tight t-shirt and heels, she is angry that her fight with Nikki Lee has not been set up and she rails about how none of the other girls are worth of a fight. This is all overheard by Celeste Star who quickly challenges her to a match, after a list of demands Angela agrees to the fight and Celeste only asks for two weeks to train. Celeste also in hot shorts and tank top is attacked by the cheating blonde when Mark leaves and vowes to get her revenge in two weeks. The weeks have passed and Celeste is in a short skirt, nylons, bra top and heels getting ready for her fight. In the ring the two hot babes take off their heels and go for it with Angela getting the upper hand, and once she has the cute brunette down she savages her crotch while she sits on her face for a pin. But never count the spunky Celeste out, she comes back with a vengeance, ripping Angela’s top off she attacks her beautiful breasts in a neck stretching camel clutch. So much more destruction in this match with kicks, slugs, face-sits, ripping off the panty hose and of course some real ass kissing. Two wild women who are also wildly attractive put on one hell of a show !!!!

Match 3 -Lady like cat fight, you know em, you love em and with these two super hot brunettes we know we’re going to get some great fun; Samantha Ryan and Miko Sinz are face to face talking trash that turns into action. Soon they are rolling on the floor in their short skirts and nylons, love the way those skirts ride up exposing those sexy thighs, wrap those legs and roll baby roll. Hair does fly in this one as these ladies have long flowing manes, whip that hair, pull that hair, tangle those locks – how these ladies love their hair pulling. Down go the bras and now it’s time to destroy some chest flesh,red nails dig deep into soft flesh, from behind they dig, in doggy style they twist, while tribbing they gouge – long thin fingers going deep into tender flesh. Then it’s back to rolling with some scissoring and a few pussy attacks. Finally we are treated to some finishing breast smothering as each breast sinks into the victims mouth till she is out cold. Two long haired stunning brunettes in one wild cat fight !!!!!


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