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Match 1 -How sensual can female wrestling be? You are about to see, Idelsy Love and Layla Sinn, clad in tiny bikini bottoms decide to have a sexy oil match. They start out by oiling each other up, their wet hands run over their fabulous bodies and we soon know why Layla is now the reining Penthouse pet of the year, once her glorious body shines from the oil it is truly a thing of beauty, and Idelsy we all know to have a fabulous figure, so putting these two together for a sensuous match is a perfect idea. Their bodies glide over each other as they move from one sexy position to another, oh they put on wrestling holds, like back breaker, grapevine, straddles front and back but always they end with lots of sexy stroking and caressing. These are some of the sexiest positions you will ever see, by two of the sexiest bodies ever, so it is no wonder they end up with some deep kissing – they just can’t help it and who can blame them, we would all love to be in this ring getting oily – but we will get you as close to being there as possible!!!!!

Match 2 -Victoria, so new, so beautiful and so vulnerable… and she is in the ring with the masked Kristie Etzold, this is not good. Victoria is prancing and skipping around the ring eagerly awaiting her match when Kristie sneaks up behind her and bear hugs the poor beauty, after a good shaking she drops her and we get that beautiful view of Victoria crawling back to her corner where more destruction awaits her with slugs, chokes and claws. This is only the beginning as the masked avenger is just getting going, off comes the top for some nipple and breast attacks, every part of the beautiful blonde is worked over from her super ass that get wedgied and clawed to her alluring face that gets fish hooked and a bit bloodied. Kristie has so much fun destroying this amazing body, with glee she stretches, pounds and even dog walks the amazing blonde. Is this any way to welcome this gorgeous newcomer – yes it it !!!!!

Match 3 -They do not like each other, no, they most assuredly do not; Abigail Mac and Celeste Star, so nasty their language – such terrible things they say about each other… we know what’s coming, a super fight. They are in the living room, Celeste with nylons and Abby with her tights, both topless and full of insults. A tight bear hug gets them started, they smash their beautiful flesh together trying to squeeze the life out of each other, to the couch where they attack their tender breast flesh, oh does Celeste enjoy digging her fingers deep into Abby’s soft breasts but Abigail pays her back on the floor when she has her on all fours and milks here breasts in a hard pulling action then goes after her nylon clad ass. Abby puts her foe in a wicked match book and Celeste returns the torture in a killer body scissors. Always their shapely legs are clad in cloth and their breasts are free to play, so much fun watching two angry beauties going after each other and how happy it makes one to destroy the other !!!!


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