Match 1 -We already miss her so, JC Marie come back! Well she may not be back wrestling but we found a great video we hadn’t released and here it is! J.C. and Christina Carter, with only nylons on are in the ring and determined to massacre each others beautiful breasts. They bite, scratch, claw, gouge, slug, elbow, squish and tweak their luscious mounds of chest flesh as each lady squirms into new positions that allow them to attack the tits. And Christina also has a great pussy attack as J.C. is on the mat with her perfect ass pointed sky ward allowing Christina to jam her hand in hard. Breast smothers and breast to breast smashes are also employed along with so many more fabulous positions, these are two of the best and they put on on hell of a show, both so sexy in those nylons that accentuate their gorgeous bodies. Bear hugs, scissors and gut slugs but always back to those inviting breasts… we so miss J.C. but this will help ease our separation anxiety – the big beautiful blonde is back for one more !!!!!!

Match 2 -Erika Jordan lounges on the couch with one plump titty hanging out of her satin robe as she discusses with the camera man how well her career is going. When she gets a call from Gina about how Randy Moore has been running her mouth, she immediately gets dressed and heads out to find the shit talking bitch. The only problem is that Erika wants a week to get back in shape. While the women are in the middle of their prefight photo shoot, Randy attacks Erika and eliminates any chance of Erika getting into prime fighting shape. Will Randy’s cheap shot derail Erika’s rising star or will Erika prevail despite her lack of preparation? Randy may not wrestle any more, but this fight is a classic that any fan will love.

Match 3 -Angela Sommers and Christine are wrestling in a charity event. It may not be common practice to wrestle in tight button down blouses, pencil skirts, thigh high stockings, and high heels, but it’s for charity so who’s complaining? Angela gets it pretty bad in this wonderfully naughty and one-sided match. Angela’s skirt is pulled down and her bare ass is spanked and grabbed for all of the male viewers to see. With her arms and feet tied together she tries to wiggle away and escape her embarrassment, but it is no use. This match is boiling hot. The cruel japes, relentless heel, and squeaky clean loser make this one hell of a humiliation match.


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