Cassie Del Isla vs. Afrika

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Domination, Ring and Apt. Match

DT-1617HD/Time: 29 Minutes / 692 MB

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AFRIKA is back and she is bigger and badder than ever. Cassie Del Isla is an under cover cop who knows Afrika is the one she is after, she has planned a training session with this bad babe and will take her in then. Afrika knows all – that first hug at the training gym is one hell of a hug, one that takes all the air out of our tan beauty. And this is just the beginning of TOTAL DESTRUCTION, poor unsuspecting Cassie has her clothes ripped off and is soon left with only her skimpy bottoms while the big bruiser jumps on her back and applies a killer camel clutch, her nipples smashed in the canvas as those strong hands wrap around her feminine neck. Next it’s a Boston crab that stretches that amazing body, Cassie did want to be trained and Afrika is demonstrating the holds, the training continues as Afrika has her on all fours then yanks her hair for a dog walk around the ring, oh the look of that perfect ass as it sways from side to side, then an even better look as still on all fours Afrika puts her head between her legs and squeezes. Next head and body scissors followed by an amazing leg splitter that has Cassie screaming in pain and we get the most amazing view. We are only a third of the way in, so many more chokes and holds and great use of the ropes. That beautiful body is woman-handled to the max. So you think we’re done – not by a long shot – Afrika picks her beautiful toy up for a long carry, a carry that takes her all the way back to Afrika’s living room where she plans on finishing her training lesson with sooooo many more holds of destruction — yes AFRIKA is back and beautiful Cassie is not happy to meet her !!!!!!