Cassie Del Isla, Karlie Montana and JoJo Kiss

HD DOWNLOADABLE Three Girl Nude Hitting Match

DT-1615HD/Time: 18 Minutes / 415 MB

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Gorgeous ladies smacking the hell out of each other, can they take it – can you take it? Wow, this one is something, a hitting contest between three super sexy women: Cassie Del Isla, Karlie Montana and JoJo Kiss. They are topless, in their high boots and each gets three hard shots where ever they want them till they have to tap in the third girl and after most trio of hits they give a little dance with their butts or tits – so sexy. Cassie starts with three powerful blasts to Karlie’s sweet face, the last one almost knocking her over, then Karlie winds up and cracks Cassie in the gut bending her over and then knocking her into the ropes. Cassie has another turn and now she goes for that tender gut slamming Karlie so hard she has to tag in JoJo and after Cassie dances showing off her breasts, JoJo pounds each of her sweet tits then a right to the jaw throwing Cassie into the ropes. This is the way it goes, over and over, blast after blast – with some we get the POV and really feel the impact. Eventually they make the girl that’s knocked down to lose her bottoms till all three are naked but still battling. These naked babes stumbling around are amazing to watch and the last two just won’t give up, over and over they strike till each can barely stand. Finally two are sprawled out and the last one can barely stand, but she is the winner of this ultimate smacking contest. Savage blows to face, gut and breasts test the endurance of these naked warriors as gorgeous lades see how much they can take !!!!!!