Tylene Buck vs. Dee Williams

Nude Whipping Fantasy

20 Min – 480 MB – High Definition


Oh boy how we love to see naked beauties slashing the hell out of each other and these two do it so well – Dee Williams and Tylene Buck are about to audition for a part in an old western movie. They are so sexy in their period garb, long dresses, low cut and very sexy. As they wait they both argue about who is the best for the part and soon their dialogue turns to action. They both hold the whips for the movie and just can’t help but using them – smack, that one hurt, Tylene is first to show how adept she is at wielding that riding crop. Soon Dee is smacked down on the couch, the blows have disarmed her allowing Tylene to disrobe this gorgeous blonde and we are treated to this buxom nakedness. Dee may have been caught off guard for a bit but you can never count this wild babe out, now it’s her turn to whip the tasty blonde till she is subdued enough to strip. Soon we have two naked wild women whipping the hell out of each other, then one rides her foe till the other takes her turn and slaps the ass from one end to the other. Back and forth our naked blondes whip and roll from one end of the room to the other and back again. This is soooo much fun, that whip rips across their vulnerable skin causing it to ripple and sway in the most sensual way but who gets the part — you’ll have to watch and see. Strip and whip — soooo much fun !!!!!!


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