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Match 1 -This is a good old fashion DT boxing match. The combatants are Keri “The Boss” Spectrum and Jaimie “The Lion” Lynn. White sports bras, boxing trunks, lace up shoes, and boxing gloves may not be the sexiest of attires, but they are the preferred garb of warriors. In this multi round bout the punches are hard and the falls are many. The sweat will fly and the blood will flow as each fighter throws countless gut shots and stinging jabs. Watching the gassed fighters plop down in their respective corners and go through the common in between round rituals is a touch of realism that will keep you begging for more. By the end, the women are clinching and hugging in utter exhaustion and one can’t help but feel like they have witnessed a true work of competitive art.

Match 2 -Samantha Ryan is quietly waiting in her corner for her opponent to arrive. When Misty Stone arrives she is furious to find a pale weakling like Sam facing her. Misty begins to yell and the intimidation is palpable almost immediately. Samantha’s face is priceless. She looks terrified and begins to slink out of the ring. Misty sees this and becomes even more enraged. She stops her panicked foe’s retreat and begins one of the most devastating beat downs in Double Trouble history. Sam is manhandled and beaten until nearly her whole body takes on a pinkish hue. However, that isn’t the most sadistic part of this video. No, the most vicious part is Misty’s constant verbal battery. She seems to enjoy leaning in close to Sam’s flushed face and whispering awful, soul crushing remarks. Enjoy!

Match 3 -Now this is my kind of boxing, not only is it two tough girls doing some real slugging but they’re topless and even better when one gets knocked down she has to kiss and suck the others breasts, ok, now we are in for some real fun. Christina Carter enters first and looks ready to rumble, next we are graced with Paris Kennedy who also seems eager for some action. The beginning has Paris getting the upper hand with some killer head shots, one hard shot sends Christina flying and she hits the canvas so hard her mouth guard comes out, this is convenient because now she has to service the redheads breasts and lick and suck she does till those nipples are oh so hard. To the corners they go where they can get sponged off and have a drink. Ready for the next round, and Paris begins again now Paris works over her gut and kidneys, she is anxious to get her succulent tits sucked again, but surprise, this time Christina fights her off and gets her to the ropes where she savagely attacks her whole body – even her breasts… Paris can take no more and is slammed to the canvas. Now it’s her turn to service Christina’s awaiting breasts and suck and lick she does till those nipples get good and pert. Back and forth it goes in this wild battle of blows and licking, we are even blessed with lots of great P.O.V. shots. The best of both worlds, boxing and sensual… you got to love this one !!!!!


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