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Match 1 – Abigail Mac and Charlie Mancini; it’s about time we got these two super beauties together. These two can both talk the shit and do so right from the beginning as they strut around the ring in their short skirts, cut off tanks tops and heels – til finally they have had enough and literally rip the shirts off each other. Here we go and this is one hell of a fun wild ride as each takes her turn giving her foe some mighty wedgies and tit destruction, oh those beautiful butts and crotches do get split and in the corner those sweet breasts get mauled. Oh watching a now naked Abby crawl slowly across the ring as Charlie comes up behind her and goes for more destruction on that sweet pussy, a sight to behold. And then how much fun watching Abby go savage on Charlie as she sits her naked ass on the brunette’s face and destroys her breasts, then rolls her over and attacks her plump butt, ending up with a killer attack on her vulnerable crotch. Neither of these naked beauties will give up… but how much can they take, so much destruction to their gorgeous bodies as each vies to break her naked foe !!!!!

Match 2 – Lyra Louvel and Sasha Heart used to wrestle in college so Lyra rents the ring so they can meet and do it again. They go over the specific holds they are allowed to use and begin their wrestling, both of them loved it before and find they still love to grapple. Eventually Lyra gets naked and Sasha joins her, only to find out that Lyra has been doing a lot of wrestling lately – but this is erotic wrestling and she explains it to Sasha who says let’s do it. Our naked youngsters get it on, they wrestle to get into sexually stimulating positions; one scissors the other while she rubs her crotch, then kisses her her now sensitive breasts, almost to orgasm but the tables are turned and the other beauty now has her from behind where she can stimulate both breasts and pussy. Back and forth they go till orgasms are secured by both – wow, naked young beauties wrestling to orgasm !!!!!

Match 3 – Wow, this one in HD is almost toooo much – Misty Stone is going crazy on Christina Carter and you get to see every amazing detail in HD. Nobody goes crazy like this black beauty, she rips off Christina’s bikini and begins her sadistic assault, she doesn’t want to just beat the busty brunette she want to humiliate and even split her in two, yes, Misty uses every possible hold and position to divide Christina into two pieces; cradles and pulls her legs apart, matchbooks her as she splits her legs while face sitting her, leg splitters using legs and hands, uses the ropes to divide her and so many more – all the time giving us an up close look at Christina’s crotch. Bad enough all the pain inflicted on poor Christina but Misty derives such joy with each humiliatingly pain filled hold. Christina is as gorgeous as ever with her black thigh high stockings, even getting split in half she retains her beauty, so get ready because you are about to see all of Christina Carter up close and in HD !!!!!!


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