Match 1 -JC Marie and Tylene Buck are wearing some microscopic dresses in the ring for this fight. Their wonderful assess hang out the backside of their dresses, showing their tiny thong underwear. In their high heels the girls get tangled up and roll around the floor. Hastily the fighters undress each other until all they are wearing are their thongs. This blonde on blonde fight has tons of hair pulling, bear hugs, and breast smashing. If your turned on by the sight of two naked and ravishing blonde warriors rolling around on the mat together, legs intertwined, then you have to get this fight.

Match 2 -The ultimate face-sit match with two ultimate butts, that’s right, Misty Stone and Erika Jordan are going ass to ass in this fabulous face-sit match. Both ladies start out topless with colorful booty exposing lacy panties and of course high heels that make that round mound of butt flesh really pop up, and these heels stay on during the entire match. Now both of these ladies are proud of their butts, so when it comes time to sink in a face-sit they don’t mess around – they really drop that beautiful behind on the face of their foe, all that is seen are the eyes of that smothered face. A lock up has each of our beauties vying for position, they wrestle back and forth each trying to get the other in a situation where she can secure that tight butt crack around the nose of her victim. Finally after a few almost pins Erika has her ass planted firmly on Misty’s pretty face and we are treated two fabulous views, first we see Misty’s beautiful legs in those red heels as they thrash about slamming into the mat, then it’s up to Erika’s beautiful white butt as it rides atop the smothering face. So ends the first fall, but Misty comes out with vengeance in her eyes, she plans to be the sitter this time and after a struggle she succeeds at planting her butt on a now squirming Erika, again we are treated to legs a thrashing as her white limbs crash into the canvas, then up to her smothered face but Misty doesn’t just sit, no this babe does some wild jiggling on Erika’s sweet face – those butt cheeks are dancing as they slap hard into her face… real cheek to cheek. This is just the beginning of so many more great face-sits as we have the ultimate in a face-sit match with two ultimate butts !!!!!!!

Match 3 -Serena Blair, in her glasses, heels and panty hose is having photos done with the championship belt when in comes an angry Celeste Star, also know as the Huntress, she does not think Serena deserves the belt or any respect and Serena feels the same contempt for the Huntress. Boy do these two go off on each other, verbal insults that lead to a mach, not just any multi fall match but a dirty panties match, that’s right the winner will stuff a pair of dirty panties in the losers mouth! Get ready for a wild match because these two do not like each other, and Serena is first to enjoy vengeance, hard shots to Celeste’s kidneys have her reeling as she falls right into an over the knee back breaker where even more hard shots are felt, finally a killer bear hug and the Huntress is almost hunted out. Wait this is Celeste and she is one tough lady, she comes back for her vengeance, including a face-sit that she so enjoys grinding in. Chokes, arm-bars, leg scissors and of course tons of trash talking as this match continues on and on… finally one lady is defeated and after the heels and belt are put back on it’s time… time for the dirty panties to fill one of those trash talking mouths. Two gorgeous young beauties out to prove who is the best and who will eat a pair of dirty panties !!!!!


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