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Match 1 -Two of the cutest little blondes ever and both are full of fire; Christie Stevens and Tara Morgan are ready to rumble but first they put their hands behind their back for a breast match, both girls smash their supple breasts together until one finally runs the other into the ropes. Topless they begin their multi fall match, first one with four pins wins, they lock up and Tara is soon sinking her long fingers into those plush breasts of Christie. Soon Christy is in control, she applies a full nelson and takes Tara to the canvas where she now sinks her nails into Tara’s pert breasts. Breasts are a real focus in this match, also corner action with slugs and kicks to the gut and then there are the body slams and airplane spins. Of course these girls are new to some of the moves but they pick up very quickly and seem to really enjoy slamming those feminine bodies hard to the canvas. Two little super blondes that are just too much fun to watch !!!!!

Match 2Paris Kennedy is very skeptical about fighting Ariel X, she is telling Gina that she will fight her but only in a pins only match… big mistake! Paris’s beautiful body is splayed across Ariel’s strong shoulders, those luscious breasts fall across her chest as her head goes limp from the strain… and this is just the beginning, so much more pain awaits Paris as Ariel refuses to pin her, yes, she wants it to continue. More great holds; ab stretches, Boston crab, camel clutch, and so many more, but the best is when she has her shapely legs around that pretty red head and squeezes. She is stretched, bent, pulled and pounded till she is only a twitching rag doll. All or nothing, all destruction and noting left of Paris !!!!

Match 3 -Oh will you look at these two gorgeous brunettes leaning against the ropes as they find out they have to fight to see who will get the cover of the fitness magazine. Topless these two lean beauties are really something special, Skylar Rene with her muscular fit body and Layla Sinn with her toned brown physique and both want that cover. It’s a multi fall submission match and these ladies are putting on some killer holds; body scissors, arm bars, camel clutches, figure four leg scissors, bear hugs, over the back neck crank, bow and arrow, and a wild over the shoulder back breaker. Watching these two long lean fabulous athletic bodies stretching their victims to the limit, quite the treat – oh and did we mention; LAYLA SINN JUST BECAME PENTHOUSE PET OF THE YEAR !!!!!


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